Chapter 35 - And Never Wants To Sleep...

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Zayn, me and Niall have been watching this movie forever and it's getting later and later, I might pretend to sleep so I get carried to bed... yes Harry, this plan is devious, I like it, I like it a lot. *Laughs like a maniac but in my head incase people think I'm weird* No? Too creepy? Fine.

Maybe Zayn just has a thing for staring at people and I'm just being good old paranoid me, because I once knew a guy like that or he's just a perv and I don't want him in the house if he is, Niall said that this is my house too.

I decide on my 'pretending to sleep' plan and curl up on Niall's chest, taking in the lovely scent that is my boyfriend. Hehehehehehe Niall Horan is my boyfriend... you jelly? Yeaaaahhhhh you jelly.

"You tired beautiful?" Niall whispers to me and I nod, then he kisses my head, leaving me to sleep on his warmth. Yeah, my descriptions of things are getting worse and I apologise for that guys... sorry, like they get real bad sometimes.

"Harry's asleep," I hear Niall whispers to Zayn and I hear a chuckle. Must of been Zayn.

"What a lightweight," He chuckles again and I'm actually not tired at all so he can shut the fuck up.

"Awh, leave him alone, he's my little baby, and if he's tired he can sleep," Niall defends me, go Niall! This is why I love Niall. Like I'm so in love with him, wow. I wanna hear him say that to me, except 'I love you' I wonder if he'd say that? I'd most likely get aroused by it, because his abs made me aroused the other day.

"So? Maybe he can sleep by himself," Zayn laughs quietly, "He's not a baby, he has his own legs and wings Niall, you gotta let him fly, But you gotta admit he ain't bad looking," Ok, I dunno if I should say rude or not, because that's flattering but also creepy, I belong to Niall.

"He isn't bad looking?" Niall uses a questioning tone, "Harry is more than just good looking Zee, he's really attractive and I love him," Niall! Yasss this is what Harry likes to hear!

"Haha, wow, ooooooo the 'I love you' card, you told him that? Or only when he's unconscious too," Zayn's tone is cold and I'm scared, so I pretend to be unconscious and move more into Niall hoping he'll pull me tighter into his arms, wait I sleep talk.

"H-hold me tighter," I almost whimper, but I mumble it so it's seems like I'm asleep, and Niall tightens his grip on me, yay!

"Yeah, he knows I love him more than anything, what's wrong with you man?!" Niall asks Zayn, because even I know, from my years of fanboying, that Zayn's really a good guy, what is wrong with him today?

"Sorry, it's just the stress of everything... Perrie leaving me.. I didn't cheat on her..." He breathes deeply and sniffs a little, "I found out that Louis had been sneaking around with her," Zayn sounds so broken, oh my god, she cheated on him? What about Archie and him, maybe they could try with each other again, "H-how is Archie?" Zayn suddenly asks and I think he should focus on someone who actually loves him, when Archie was talking to me about him the other day, I could see her small smirk, you know the one you get when you talk about your crush, so yeah. Seriously Harry, you call that a description?!

"Zee... Archie is right upstairs, I think I should take this one to bed now, come on Zee.. go see her", Zayn just laughs a little and then sniffs, I bet it's as saddening to see him cry as it is Niall.

I suddenly am airborne as Niall carefully lifts me and soon enough I'm on the soft bed that's mine and NIall's.

"Thanks for carrying me baby," I say quietly and he kisses my forehead.

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