Chapter 53 - I 'do' wanna know that babe...

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I don't know why I feel so nervous, I'm only taking Harry out on a date, we've been on a few, maybe it's because I know that he won't expect what I'm about to do, I have called up the management of the park, making sure everything is perfect. All I need is to make sure I look perfect, because Harry could show up in his pyjamas and still look better than me.

He keeps me alive.

I'm just making myself even more scared. Harry is in the shower.. just got in and he was like rushing round because I gave him 45 minutes to make himself look 'presentable' even though he always does. I reach into my pocket and look at the engagement ring.  I hope he likes it, I really do, I like it.. it's like got these little hands on it, being joined by a heart, it's gold and silver.. and it was made in Ireland. So I know it means well. I like the little aztec patterns its got going on around it as well. I smile at it but my nerves are still there. I need to calm down before Harry comes out. I put the ring back away hidden in my inside pocket, where I know he won't find it.

I hope this is perfect.


I wonder what Niall has planned for this wonderful date he has obviously made plans for. He always does he likes to surprise me with little dates, and I love him for that. I shampoo and condition my hair really quickly and wash it all out to make sure I look good. Niall loves my hair, likes to fucking pull it if I give him head though. Seriously he has a strong grip if I'm honest.

I'm getting distracted because Niall is sat on the bed on his phone laughing at things and I'm just stood here in a towel, waiting to get dressed and ready to go on our date he has planned. I wonder where it's situated in the park? Maybe by the lake again? Because he sat me there after we first fucked. Awh. Seems like so long ago, when he first brought me here. I was so excited. Wow.

"Hey baby," he looks up for a second and smiles, "you need to get dressed," he looks me up and down and I nod.

"What to wear tho? You look so nice in that suit jacket.. I don't have one!" He chuckles at me as I whine and look for something to wear. Then he just hands me like.. a perfect outfit match.

I just scowl at him making him laugh and he lets me get changed as he looks out the window, we have a great view of the castle from here and that's what he's looking at.

I pull the black button up t-shirt over my head and pull on these tight fucking skinny jeans, they seem even tighter due to the slight moisture still on my legs from showering.

"Are you struggling Haz?" Niall giggles at me and walks over to me. I nod and huff because this is proving to be a difficult task.

He hooks his fingers into the belt loops and tells me to hold on to his shoulders, he pulls me and the jeans up and steals a sneaky kiss as I fall into the jeans, he lowers me back down as they're pulled up now, wow that actually worked.

"Rude," he laughs at me and leans down kissing my forehead.

"Am I not allowed to kiss you?" He asks with a hint of humour behind his voice, but he pouts and I can't resist that, he's too cute, so I lean up and kiss him softly, he smiles into the kiss and fastens up my jeans for me.

"You ready to go?" His forehead rests against mine and he's acting different. But I love it, it's a good different.

"Yeah! Where we going in the park?!" I am desperate to know oh my God. But he takes my hand gently and says he doesn't know. His devious smile never leaving his face as he shuts the door behind us.

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