chapter 31 - before a text message was the only way to reach him

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"Harry love.. Harry.. baby.. get out of bed.. it's twelve like I said!" Niall's voice rasps to me and I realise I'm still on him, he didn't move once in my slumber. He stayed. Awh... that's love bitch

"Ok.." I yawn and wake up slowly, with his hands in my hair and gently soothing me back awake, he always knows how to do these things.

"You slept so deep, I tried to wake you up to tell you your mum and sister had gone out to go shopping for food but you were so flat out, you must of been tired, and I'm sorry for that," it's mainly his fault I'm tired to be honest, but it's also not his fault because he always comforts me.

"Are you gonna help me pack for moving to.. your.. thingy." I yawn as I sit up and rub my eyes, Niall's hands on my hips, making sure I don't fa.. never mind.

I wobble a little as I try to get up and he catches me, putting me safely in his lap, both his arms wrapped round me, I'm still not fully in the world yet.

"You ok munchkin? How about you sit down for a few minutes and try to wake up yeah? I'll start to pack," I nod in thankfulness.

"You're a fucking godsend.. you know that?" I slur as if I'm drunk.. and he laughs as he slowly begins to fold my things placing them into a suitcase which he must have got from under my bed.. I don't recall him getting that out.. well.

"You need to rest or I fear you'll faint dear child," he says to me in a posh voice and I laugh, resting my head down on my pillow.

"You don't seem too well.. are you alright Harry?" He asks me and finishes shoving a load of clothes into the suitcase, he walks over to me and I have a huge headache.

"N-no," his large hand presses against my forehead and he gasps at how much I'm burning up.

"Maybe you've got a fever? Let's get your mum," he says and leaves me sat there, I just can't get over my dad.. he's gone.. forever.

Another tear falls down my cheek landing on to the thin fabric of trousers.. Niall must have put them on me.

In a few seconds my mother is sat by me outta no where and Niall has got something cold pressed against my forehead. That's nice and refreshing.

"I think you got a bit too excited about moving in with Niall, Harry," my mum laughs a little and kisses my nose, "calm down a bit ok," she leaves as Niall thanks her for helping him out with me and he sits back next to me, pulling me into his lap, I rest my head on his arm as the cold.. rag? I think it is, he has on my head cools me down rapidly.

"Sing?" I demand, I tried to ask but my brain is like.. swollen and I can't feel it.

"You want me to sing? Ok.. Urm.. something else I wrote when I was around.. eighteen.." he sighs and moves the rag on my forehead so I get the cold side again.

"I have loved you since we were eighteen, long before we both thought the same thing to be loved and to be in love, all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you woah, I wanna love like you made me feel when we were eighteen," he sings softly and that's a damn beautiful song.. I like it.

"Thank you," I sigh and rest my head in the crook of his neck.

"You're whale cum Harry," I laugh a little and he kisses my head.

I fucking love him.

"You're so good to me Nialler." I lean up and lightly peck his lips.

"It's because I have to take care of my little Harry, no matter what!" He says happily and sighs.


My poor little baby isn't well, Awh, I'm gonna take care of him!

"Harry, are you too hot?" I ask him and he shakes his head, he feels on fire.

"I'm freezing," he says and shivers a little bit.

"You get into bed, and I'll open the windows and pack your clothes," he nods as I lay him under the blanket and he shivers again but feels so hot right now. Poor boy. He just isn't well right now.

I waddle to the window and open it up, the little window next to his desk, he loves this chair and his laptop and Tumblr and Awh. He's making a big choice moving in with me.

"Niall.. I feel cold," I rush over to him out of my daydream and feel his cheeks which are now freezing.

"God haz, baby you're not alright," he nods and it's definitely a twenty four hour bug or something.

"We'll get everyone to help pack your things then get you in the car ready to go to mine, where we'll cuddle and get you better ok baby?" He nods again and I call for Gemma and Anne to come and help, which they kindly do.


"You're gonna be ok aren't you? Call me if you need anything, ok have fun you two!" Gemma sends us off as Harry leans against the car door in his ill state.

"Bye Gem love you," Harry smiles lazily and she kisses his head through the window.

"Bye boys!" She waves and I roll the window back up, driving off holding Harry's hand the entire way, and eventually he falls asleep.


"Nialler?" Harry stirs as I carry him to my house, I parked rather closely to the door and Archie is smiling widely at me.

"Hey arch! How you doing?!" She smiles and laughs.

"I'm good.. you two have so much to tell me about your holiday!"

"Oh yeah! Btw Harry's moving in," Archie nods understandably and opens the door wider, letting me in and so I can rest Harry on the couch, draping the blanket over him.

I head back past Archie running to get all his clothes out the car, I run back to the house and dump the suitcase on the floor.

I rush to Harry once again and lift him so he's cradled in my arms again.

"You ok munchkin," Archie sits close to us and smiles sympathetically at Harry.

"I'm ok.. lets tell Arch about our holiday," Archie lightens her smile as Harry sits up in my lap.

"Harry," I look at him and he's fast asleep. Bless him.

Archie laughs silently and points to the stairs.

I nod and she grabs his suitcase following us up the stairs quietly as my little boy sleeps in my arms.

I lay him carefully on the bed and Archie dumps the case by my wardrobe, she says a quiet 'night' to me even though it's only like four and I start to undress Harry, he mutters in his sleep and it's rather cute.

'No.. the baby.. needs.. not flower' he says and I hold in all giggles. Because that was rather hilarious.

I pull off his clothes and I might as well snuggle with him, I pull the unmade bed cover so it's easy to put Harry in bed, he snuggles into the pillow and deeply sighs.

"Nialler.. Cuddle?" He asks and opens one eye shutting again once he's positive he had my attention.

"Yep, gimmie a sec," he doesn't move or say anything as I climb into bed next to him and gently move him on to me, his head buried in my chest and his breath softly hitting my skin.

"Sleep tight love," I kiss his head even though he's gone, and I decide to just sleep with him, we can stay up all night if we have too.

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