chapter 17 - baby bring a lemon and a bottle of gin

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I wake up before Harry and I need to stretch, I look at the time with a yawn and it's like 6 am, what the fuck... is this shit?

I look down at my sleeping boy on my chest and he looks so cute when he sleeps. With his hair all over the place and his face all smushed up against me. His breath hitting my chest evenly and softly. He's breathtaking.

I move my hand to his hair carefully and thread my fingers through the soft curls. He moves a little and shuffles himself closer up my body and rests his face in the crook of my neck, he wraps his arms round me and pulls himself impossibly close, I can't help but smiles at how cute he really is. You wouldn't think a boy could be so cute, you were wrong.

I wrap my arms around his smaller body and he snuggles further into me and sighs smiling in his sleep.

I smile and fall back into a blissful sleep.

And you know what.. I love Harry.



I'm woken up my fingers going through my hair. That feels good.

"Morning beautiful," Niall chirps quietly keeping his voice low and raspy from the morning.

Damn it's beautiful. He's beautiful. I open my eyes and look up at him, he smiles down and kisses my forehead.

"You're always such a cutie in the morning," he says and I give him a questioning look, because my morning voice sounds like a dead cat trying to sing. 

"Your eyes are always wider and greener, and your hair is always fluffier and softer and you just look cuter," I smile and travel up his body and lay with my head against him and my face pressed against his neck.

My lips brush against his sensitive skin and she shivers.

"Thanks," I mumble and his arms pull me round him in a quick motion so I'm underneath him. I laugh as he tickles my sides and he smiles.

"N-Niall!!! S-stop!" Happy tears fall down my cheeks as I laugh so hard.

"But you look so cute when you laugh," he holds himself up above me and smirks, pinning my arms to the mattress.

I give him the finger in his face and he raises his eyebrows, probably at the position we are in right now and how one simple movement from him would do a lot of things to me.

"What?" I ask him dragging out the word as he stares down at me with a smirk.

Then he does it.

What I didn't need.

He rolls his hips against mine and groans.

I shut my eyes tightly and bite my lip to suppress a moan, because damn this feels good. He knows what he's doing to me.

He leans down and connects our lips as he rolls his hips harder against mine, I can feel how hard he is and it's pretty hard, if I'm honest. Is it wrong that I wanna blow him right now? Pease tell me it's not wrong. I mean, I'd do it right now if he'd let me, I'm strange ok! I just wanna lick him and see how he reacts.

"Can I blow you?" I blurt out before I can tell my brain not to. Oh my god Harry you can't just ask Niall horan if you can blow him! Oh my god.

I cover my mouth and flush red as he raises his eyebrows at me.

"Lemme just clarify, you want to.. blow me?" he asks seriously and I don't meet his gaze but give a little nod.

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