chapter 23 - All Over My Own

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"Harry," I gently poke him as he's still unconscious and he's dribbling on my chest.

"Ugh.. no," he whines.. I really shouldn't be waking him at 4 am but it's 4 am and I'm wide awake..

"Please.. Harry I'm bored!" I gently shake him and he doesn't even look at me or open his eyes, or move. What a lazy shit.

"Cuddle me then," he sighs, his morning voice is so cute and precious, he's so cute and precious, damn I got so lucky with guy like Harry, he thinks he got lucky with me!

"Ok.. sorry to wake you," I apologise but I think he's just sleeping still. Kinda half awake half asleep, his hand blindly searching for mine before I help out a little and intertwine our fingers.

"You woken up me now," his words are slightly jumbled as he's still tired, his lips turn up at the corners into a lazy smile and he moves up my chest a little bit, burying his face in my neck.

"I'm Niall tired.. What the fuck.. I'm tired Niall," he laughs a little and that's cute. He got it wrong.

"Bless you.. you're too cute in the mornings," he blushes and yawns.

"Go back to sleep baby," I stroke his arm gently and then he grabs my hand placing it on his face.


"Rub my face," he commands, "I like it when you touch my face," he smiles a little and I move my thumb across his cheek softly the way he likes it.

And sooner or later he's back asleep with little snores leaving his perfect lips.

I lean down gently and peck his unresponsive lips.

I lay back down with him on me and my eyes start to droop again and I could lay here forever with him in my arms.


"Nialler.." I hear a little voice whisper and I know exactly who it belongs too..

I open my eyes and Harry's nose is touching mine and he's smiling cutely.

"Hey there beautiful," he smiles before pressing his lips to mine in a sweet kiss.

"We're going the water park today!" I announce and his smile increases.

"Youre really happy today," he nods and then bursts out laughing. Is my boyfriend ok?

"Are you ok?"

"What were you dreaming about Niall?" He asks with a smirk and I still don't understand.. oh wait.

"You're hard hun," he says with a giggle.

"Why is that funny?" I have to laugh at Harry's laugh because it's funny.

"I dunno.. just is.." he shrugs.

"Ill just wank, it's not difficult and fyi.. I was dreaming about you," I fell a little blush creep on my face as I remember parts from my dream..

"Really.. and what was happening in this dream?" Harry says like a therapist and he knows what he's doing as he lies down with his head on my stomach, staring up at me with those big green eyes.

"I.. ummm.. we fucked in the shower.." he kisses along my waistband sending shivers up my spine.

"Well.. maybe," kiss.

"One day," suck.

"We can," little Bite making me gasp.

"Fulfil your dream.. but today is not that day, instead I'm gonna just blow you and you're gonna enjoy it," I laugh full-heartedly at his words and the way he says it.

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