Chapter One - Hello!

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"Harry! Niall is playing! You gonna watch it with me?" Gemma shouts from downstairs.

Hi, my name is Harry Styles and I'm 20 years old.

Yes, I have a sister, her name is Gemma, she has... many coloured hair styles, she is always changing it!  She's like me; green eyes; naturally brown hair, but it changes a lot. She's slim and very beautiful, you could say, she's my best friend and I tell her everything! I mean everything. I live with her in her house!

My mum and dad work away in America all the time and other places too, mum once went to Ireland she said it was amazing! They come back at Christmas and mine and Gemma's birthdays, and sometimes, if they can that is, Easter!

But I really enjoy living with Gemma, she takes great care of me and she always looks out for me. I enjoy watching and playing -craply- football.

Every time my favourite football player is playing.. she tells me, even though I know everything about him, obviously. God he's gorgeous, what I'd do just to run my fingers through his hair is anything. He plays for Ireland, and Ireland are my favourite team. Gemma said I'm weird because I'm not even Irish.

I wander from my room to the lounge, I trail my hand along the stair banister, and daydream.

One day I'd meet Niall.. he'd fall in love with me and we'd get married and have adopted children with each other and we'd be permanently in the honeymoon phase.. forever.

Too far Harry, too far.

I enter the lounge where Gem is sat on the couch waiting for me.

She pats next to her on the couch and I jump down. She knows I like Niall, who doesn't. She knows that I would do anything for his attention.

"He's playing after this break, be right back Haz," she tells me and leaves me there with my thoughts that may or may not include Niall burying himself in me and screaming my name.

I'm in a fandom called the crazy mofos, that's what he called us all, us being his fans and I run a Tumblr blog about him and his team mates because they're all super fucking hot. Woah Harry.. no.

There's Niall, personally to me he's the hottest, then there's Zayn, which Gemma thinks is the hottest, and Liam and Louis, who are both still hot, but not like Niall. Nobody is Niall's level! He is something, then there's the rest of the team but no one pays attention to them, cause they're not hot. Sorry not sorry.

Back to Niall.

He has luscious fluffy blonde hair and  the roots, they're brunet, his natural shade, which is dreamy. Then we move to his eyes, they're beautiful. They sparkle when he wins and shoots a goal, whenever he laughs so hard there's actual tears, they go an even darker shade of blue and it's beautiful. God he's beautiful. He has a single lip piercing and it's gold, real full on gold. I can barely afford my car.

His arms, there's one word to describe his arms- damn. They're so musclely and full of definition, they have many tattoos on them which make me insane.

I wanna touch every single one individually.

He has a full eight pack.. I know eight pack.. I have a one pack if that's anything?! I know, I dont have a nice body like him but my muscles are pretty good and I have a few tattoos but not like him.

His dick.. I have still gotta see.

His legs, ugh his legs do things to me, they're so skinny, I'm super jealous of them, he wears skinny jeans a lot and he can get away with it because of how hot and sexy he is.

Gemma comes back in knocking me away from my thoughts, with a coke for me and one for herself.

"So what you been thinking about? lemme guess.. Niall?" she giggles and I laugh sarcasticallly.

"Who else! He's hot as fuck!" she laughs again and we both sit and watch my baby Niall play. Because he is my son.

He was born a year before me but he's only a couple months older.

As the game comes to the final minute, after eighty minutes of me  staring at Niall, they go into over time having me and Gemma on the edge of our seats.

Gemma stares at Zayn the entire time whilst I watch Nialls every move. As always.

"Wait, Zayn should pass to Niall, whilst he's in the left quadrant," Gemma peeks up, looks like she finally stopped looking at Zayn, and I nod.

"Indeed dear sister, if they make a wrong move they're not gonna win!" I am almost biting my nails.

"Harry don't bite your nails!" she slaps my hand from my mouth and before I can reply she's cheering along with the crowd at the stadium.

"Ireland win!" the announcer guy says through our tv speakers.

I jump up and dance around with Gemma! We're not immature I swear. Then staring back at the screen smiling as Niall runs down the pitch waving and smiling at everyone there. Running over to Zayn, Liam and Louis, all doing a group hug.

How I wish that he would run to me and hug and kiss me, whilst I congratulated him on his win.

But that's just another fans dream...

---Ooooo chapter 1!!! sorry it's pretty shit but it's not very long, it's just more of an insight for the story for you!! Enjoyyyyy

Love you baes!---

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