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Chapter 34 - all over the track like a feature

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I could feel Niall getting me ready for bed and honestly it makes me very happy that he'd do that for me, get me all ready for bed like that. Making sure I'm fit to go to sleep, but I also wasn't fully out when he was talking to my mother, I heard her telling him my past and I'm happy she told him, and she wasn't lying when she said I've never been happier, Niall makes me super happy.

I'm pretty sure it's the middle of the night right now but I couldn't wake up even if I wanted to, all because Niall is lying on me, yep, that's right, you heard correct, I have Niall, sprawled out on me, sleeping soundly like a child. He cute though so I'll let him sleep.

But I can't shake the feeling that it's midnight and I'm missing something, like something really important.

Imma just brush this shit off because nope, fuck you, I don't even care to be honest, I'm just gonna sleep it off... but what if I can't get to sleep? This sucks dick.. I suck dick.. haha, I amuse myself.

"Niall.. you're really fucking heavy and I'm struggling to breathe here sweety," I inform Niall, the fucking heavy lump on me and he rolls off me lying next to me, is it morning or nah? Cos I can't tell.

"S'up baby?" He groans and it's always hot when he first uses that damn voice. Harry.. locate your inner chill.

"What time is it? Because I like... woke up unsure of the time and I feel like it's midnight or something," Niall rolls over and collects his phone, checking the time, he places it back down and faces me again.

"It is midnight babe.. you feeling alright?" He asks and in the little moonlight that's coming through the gap in the blinds I can see the blueness of them damn eyeballs, they will be the death of me.

"Yeah I'm fine, just wide awake," I admit because I really am wide awake, why the fuck do I always have to be wide awake at random times in the night, it's fucking stupid man.

"You want cuddles?" Niall offers sleepily and pulls me on his chest, where to be honest, I do want cuddles. So here I shall stay, nice and warm on Niall's chest, listening to his heart beating slow and steady and his breathing at a regular pace.

Then I feel a hand move to my hair and slowly twirl pieces between his fingers.. I am definitely gonna sleep now... if he just keeps that going... Imma be out like a light any minute now.

"Night love," He whispers and I attempt to whisper it back, but I'm fucking out of it now, like see you all when I wake da fuck up!


"Harry, Hey... Harry, baby, wake up, it's like midday and we gotta go home.. because we like live together now, also I'm still sorry about my bipolar attack a couple days ago... it's ok if you don't wanna forgive me, I understand, b-because like I hurt you pretty bad... I-I love you lots," I'm woken with Niall rambling on about something but I love him too, how can he think that I wouldn't forgive him?

"Morning, of course I forgive you, you mong! I love you too!" I lean up and peck his lips, it feels as if we haven't kissed in years, this is strange, but his lips are still super soft and nice to kiss.

"Do you feel like we haven't kissed in years too?" Niall asks and I nod, he reconnects our lips again for another short but sweet kiss.

"Shall we get ready to go back home munchkin?" he asks me and all I can do is nod in my still slightly tired state.

"Want breakfast first yeah?" I ask and demand at the same time because I can multitask so damn well... *Cries from laughter because I am a failure really* Don't you guys hate when someone won't kiss you when you really just wanna be kissed right now, come on Nialler, I'm waiting...

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