chapter 20 - He's Singing....

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Niall has been unwell for about three days now and the media has gone insane with all this coming out and stuff.

'Niall Horan.. gay?' And every time he sees something like that, he looks at me and says 'fuck yeah I am' and it just makes me giggle, the way he says it is like 'fuck you guys.. I'm gay af!' And ugh, it's so funny!

Tumblr I have got more followers than ever now and people congratulate me saying I made it and Niall is mine. It's so nice! This one guy told me I was lucky and I shouldn't ever let him down or go and I promised I wouldn't.. I couldn't ever hurt him. He's more sensitive than he looks.

"Niall? How you feeling?" Hes been a lot better since he woke up today.

"I feel good.. horny," he whispers thinking I didn't hear it, but it's a joke.. I know when he's actually horny his voice is thicker than usual and his pupils are always fully blown out.

"I'm not blowing you," I say back as a joke as well.

"I don't want you to," he says and starts laughing.

"I knew you were joking," I laugh with him and he pulls me on to his chest and kisses my face over and over all everywhere on my face.

"You're so pretty Harry," he complements and aww. He thinks I'm pretty, I'm not.

"I'm not pretty!" I hide my face as he gives me a look of disgust in what I just said.. He's like 'bitch what you say?!'

"Harry! You're like.. beautiful babe, why do you think you're not?" Hes so kind to me, I can't right now. He doesn't mean that.

"You dont mean that," I mutter and blush as he nods his head smiling at me, I have to admire his perfect face though, come on.. it's like.. so pretty. And I can kiss it whenever and wherever I want to!

"I mean every word," he whispers before pressing his lips to mine in a soft and slow kiss which could convince me that oranges are able to marry you it's that powerful.

"Do you believe me yet?" He asks and I nod, not really but this is Niall.. it'll keep me going for about.... Six years? Yeah.

"Good because you're stunning" he pecks my lips again and sits up in the bed that's we've practically lived in for three days. Wow. I live in my bed anyway. Whoops? Dont care.

"Let's go to town.. I'm bored" he says and drags me with him we're both dressed so we just go and get in the car. Well alright then. No planning gone into this. At all. There's never any planning to do anything with Niall. But he's cute so it's fine.


"Oh my god! Niall Horan!" A girl shouts as she sees us together, holding hands.. in public, because we wanted to and we can, yeah! Gay rights even though Niall is bi!

"Hi!" He says to her with a smile

"Oh my god you're Harry styles! Nialls boyfriend, I love you both.. I ship you so much!" She squeals and my heart kinda warms but I feel kinda scared as well. I dont know what to do, I guess grab on to Nialls arm and hold on to his bicep.

We were minding our own business just looking in Windows of shops together and laughing at things we found hilarious, until she started screaming and running towards us.

"Can I have a picture with you both?!" She asks and smiles widely.

"Yeah sure.. Harry?" Niall asks me and secretly rubs my hand reassuringly, "Shes only excited, dont be so frightened" he whispers to me as she stands in front of us and snaps the pic with Nialls hand reassuringly rubbing mine. Its relaxing.

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