Chapter Two - Opportunities

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EDITED: 17th June 2015

wrote: 22nd August 2014

After yesterday's wonderful achievement of Ireland winning the football.. I have to go to college.. Well fuck. I can't be bothered to be honest.

All that happens there is I get fucking bullied. Gemma doesn't know but I get called things like 'fag' and 'gay boy' also my personal favourite, prepare yourselves it's brilliant, 'Why don't you go fuck your football player!' and that one hurts, you wouldn't think at college you'd get bullied but I've been bullied through high school as well. So nothing new to me. I hate going to college.

"Harry, wake up, college today," Gemma says knocking on my door roughly for like the seventh time already.

"Alright, I'm up," I was as well, just laying here thinking about how Imma disappointment to most of the student body. And my mum and dad when they next ask me about college.

"Ok, get dressed and then grab an apple to eat, I've got work and get your key, I'll be there late, I've got loads to catch up on! Love you bye!" she explains to me giving me the minor details, I just let myself back in when she's not there after college anyway. 

"Ok, I'll get it don't worry, bye," she waves and I get up and get dressed.  I pull my skinny jeans on, because I like them and fuck your opinion.

"Ok Harry, lets go," I mumble to myself and  grab my white t-shirt and pull it over my tattoos. I may look tough but I'm not. Haha, really I'm not.

I run downstairs and grab my key and an apple like Gem told me to and lock the door behind me. I slowly make my way to college.

 Ugh why the fuck did I choose to go! I should of joined Gemma in her job, she works at the music producing company, she's like the manager or some shit. She said I could join her, but I turned it down and I shouldn't have. One of my not-so-smart moments to be honest.

I remember that I only have to make it through today, yeah sounds stupid but I only have one day of college every week, and that day is Wednesday, middle of the week. Way to ruin my week! Thanks guys. Best bit is, I'm legit almost done, nothing else to do, then I'm free to join Gemma.

"Hey look it's the fag!!"  I hear someone say as I make my way through the gates to college ground. One day Harry. One day.

"Hey guys" I say sarcastically, "Great to see you all, how's the girlfriends? Oh wait.," I put my finger to my chin and look around pretending to think until I lock my eyes with Chris',  "I have a higher chance of getting a girlfriend than you," Chris, my former bully, is fucking speechless. Fucking good.

Didn't see that coming did he! ha.

Neither did I.

I walk away flagging them and they're all speechless for like the first time in forever

"Mr.Styles, how many times have I told you to cover up your tattoos?" Some teacher, who's name isn't in my head because fuck learning their name, states and points at my tattoos.

"Sorry Sir, I'll try next week," that's the great part of having college for one day a week. You can say that over and over.

No one really bats an eye at my tattoos usually, they just study them. Especially the goth girl.. Emma? Is her name? Yeah, she's sort of my best friend but only in college.

"Hey Harry," speaking of the devil, because I swear she is.

"S'up Emma!" I say and walk to class with her looking at my tattoos.

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