chapter 33 - singing out Aretha

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Well yesterday's sex was awesome, *throws hands up in a partying manner* no? Sorry.. I did not mean to.

But when I wake up, I choose not to wake Niall right away, I'll let him wake up naturally. He's so cute when he's asleep anyway. I love that after I woke him up because he stopped cuddling me, his arms are still round me, tightly holding me in place on his chest. I like to listen to his heart beat, I'm a weird child ok, but you all love me. I know you do.

I lay back down against his chest and snuggle as close as I can, as close as the laws of physics will allow, into Niall, he sighs happily in his sleepy state and gently rubs my back slightly. It's so nice, because he's here, he's mine, Niall Horan, is my boyfriend and no one can have him. I don't wanna give him up, I love him too much. I've already given him my virginity, how much more does this bitch want?! I mean, I'll suck him off if he wants but yano.. Sorry went off topic there.. just a tiny bit.

I'm bored now, I might wake Niall.

Yeah, won't do him no harm to be awaken, risen from his sleep.

I should totally take up poetry.

"Nialler," I poke his moob and he groans, "Niall," I poke him again but he's not waking up.

Alright.. plan B..

I shuffle myself downwards and when my hand is right next to his dick, I give him a quick, gentle squeeze.

Hahaha. He's awake now.

"Harry!" He groans in that damn morning voice, it's enough to get me possibly semi-hard. No joke.

"What?" I ask and sit up as he smiles at me, he honestly looks adorable when he first wakes up, the way his eyes are a shade of blue deeper, and his hair is a mess, and then there's these little tattoos peeping out the blanket everywhere. I love his tattoos. He opens his arms for me presumably.

"Come lie down, let me wake up fully," I can't resist because he cute af.

"Alright.. but then we have to get up, because.. urm," I try to think of a good excuse but I can't really think of anything!! I need an excuse.. damn it.

"Why do we need to get up.. exactly, I knew you couldn't think of an excuse of why we need to possibly get out of bed my dearest Harry dear, unless you want any of the following; which are.. sex, cuddles, a blowjob, handjob, sex."

"You said sex already." I tell him and he shrugs.

"Well.. You're really good at riding me so I'm gonna ask for sex," he says with his eyes closed, I wonder if he's actually paying attention or is he just muttering random slightly relevant shit.

"Am I?" I ask and tease at the same time.

"Yes," he opens his eyes and looks down at me, "yes you are."

I smile and laugh as I lay back down.

"Why is your heart going so fast Niall?" I ask him slightly concerned to the speed of his main bodily organ.

"You make my heart race, I don't know how you've never noticed it before." did he really just say that to me? That is so cute.

"Now that I think about it, I have noticed.. when I first laid down on you, when I had a panic attack, your heart was beating really irregularly," he nods and kisses my head.

"But now you're mine and I can kiss you whenever I want. That reminds me.. would you still blow me on command?" He starts giggling and I flush bright red.

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