Chapter 13 - Then I put it on pause until the moment was right

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Wrote : 15th September 2014

Edited: 10th August 2015

It's almost been a week, and I dont want to leave Niall... but.. that date he took me on, was everything I've ever wanted and more. It was nice and sweet and had been well thought out, he'd put time into that, and waking up next to him with his fucking dog licking your fucking face is fucking perfect.

"Hercules.. fuck off," I say sternly with my eyes closed. Niall laughs and pushes the dog off me. He is still laying with his head curled into my chest, in the night he must curl himself round me and pull me closer, impossibly closer, because I don't remember being so close to him.

I like it but it's like, wow. I'm this close to Niall Horan, never did I ever think I'd be this close to him.. ever.

But here I am.

"Why are you awake so early?" He mumbles softly against the skin of my neck where his head is.

"Your fucking dog," I say back and he smiles lazily. Kissing the sensitive skin of my neck.

Why does he do this to me? Does he know the amount of affect he has on me??? The lock down he holds over me????? Hmmm??????? Bitch do you????????

"Dont do that!" I say and he kisses me again, sucking slightly, I swear to god.. if he even.. oh god he is.

I shut my eyes in content as he sucks gently at the open skin and nips slightly, leaving a mark most likely. His teeth graze over the newly created Bruise and he kisses it one last time.

"Niall," I whine and press the small bruise he's made with his mouth. Evil sexy bitch.

"Now you're mine," he says quietly and snuggles deeper into my side. Wow. I have a hickey from Niall. I wanna see it.

"Thanks," I say sarcastically and he gasps with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

"How dare you!" He says and his hand snakes to mine joining them loosely.

"Sorry bae," I kiss his head and he laughs, kissing my chest.

"You're so touchy feely," I say and he kisses me again, rubbing his thumb over my faint abs, they're not like his, which I could only dream of touching before.. now I touch them wherever the fuck I want!

"You're really soft," He runs his fingers down my sides and hugs me tight.

"So are you, what time is it?" I ask and let out a yawn, he yawns as well as its a natural thing to do, you yawn if someone else does. Unless you're a psycho.

"Seven in the morning," he sounds grumpy. No! Grumpy Niall sucks.

"Lets go back to sleep," I say and roll us over so I'm lying on him, it's my turn bitch.

"Yeah," he yawns again and I listen to his steady heart beat as I fall back to sleep.


I feel something nudging me and whispering 'Harry.. get up' then after I don't respond the voice goes away. Ahhh... content and happily sleeping again.

I cuddle back into the soft muscled surface that's Niall's chest and then I feel a hand grab, yes grab, at my crotch!

"Niall!" I shoot up and he laughs

"You weren't responding!! You're already hard, by the way," he says like it's normal and chuckles. I am not amused.

"I'll be taking a cold shower," I groan and walk away from him. He laughs again and I can't believe he fucking felt me up. Like what the fuck! I already have morning wood and you have to go and make it worse, I didn't want him to know this.. but the other day he woke up with morning wood and to say it was 'big' is an understatement. Not gonna lie.

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