Chapter 51 - I Told Him, He Knows.

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I groan as soon as light hits my face, Harry's hair pushed into my neck tickling me slightly but I'm too comfortable to even think about that.

"Oi," I slap his back a little to wake him and he makes a little noise of protest.

"I don't wanna get up," he whines into my chest and cuddles me tighter. Images of yesterday night flash through my mind and I find myself with a shit eating grin on my face.

"Come on Haz.. we have so much to dooooo!" I say happily, my voice still croaky with only just waking up. Harry sits up on my hips and rubs his face sitting there looking groggy.

He looks down at me with a straight face. Then he smiles, "you're gonna be in pain all day!" He laughs at me then I pout making him look guilty and he starts apologising.

"Hey.. Haz.. baby, it's fine. I'm fine," I assure him and he shakes his head.

"You haven't stood up yet.." he looks at me with a concerned face and pulls his lip between his teeth.

"Well let's go shower then!" He climbs off me and I sit up. Still absolutely fine. Maybe it doesn't affect me as bad as it affects Harry.

I stand up without a problem and feel literally the smallest burn in my lower back but that's it. It's like.. someone just has some really high heat pad there or something.

"You're kidding me," Harry looks 1000% done that I don't feel pain and he pouts.

"It doesn't hurt much for me.. you were very gentle though Haz," he nods and drags me towards the bathroom, "but God did it feel awesome," I have to tell him the truth and he just nods in agreement.

"Told you it feels fucking amazing!" He says and he stands under the shower, taking me with him.

"You weren't wrong, and I never doubted it, I guess you took both my virginities," I blush and look away from his gaze and I catch him smiling.

"Well.. You did too, why didn't you tell me you weren't.. sexually active," he asks me and lifts my chin up to meet his eyes with mine.

"I didn't want to make you more nervous than you already were, and to be honest you weren't the only one who was nervous.." I blush again and he just laughs at me stroking my water dampened cheeks.

"No reason to be embarrassed about that baby, no reason at all, I could tell something was up when you kept asking me if I was ok, like every second," he responds.

"Yes, well- you- I- you did the same! You asked me every two seconds if I was alright and trust me, I was more than alright," I wink at him as I lather up his hair with shampoo and it's his turn to blush, "you made me feel great.. as promised," I whisper to him and he slaps my arm with his face as bright red as a tomato.

"Niall! Shut up and wash my hair," he says and turns around letting me rinse out the shampoo and start on the conditioner.


"Come on Harry... I'm waiting.." I roll my eyes at him as he's still attempting to pull his jeans on, they're so skinny it's painfully hilarious to watch him struggle to pull them up. He wriggles before he pouts and huffs a bit.

"Will you help me?" He looks at my helplessly and I laugh and walk to him, grabbing his jeans at the belt loops and he holds on to my shoulders before I lift him up fully, and he starts giggling as he wriggles and they finally are pulled up.

"Thanks," he giggles again.

"You're welcome, let's go babe, you got your bag packed for swimming?" I ask and he grabs it and nods. Standing in front of me.

"And this holiday," I gently take his face between my hands, "If anybody says anything about us that makes you uncomfortable, please tell me and talk to me about it ok baby? I just want you to be safe.." I feel my eyes water up at the image of him lying unconscious on the floor and I blink them back.

"I know," his voice is barely above a whisper and a tear rolls down his cheek, but I catch with my thumb it before it can fall.

"I'm so sorry for what I did to you Haz, I love you so much and I'm so proud of you for regaining your weight and I just wish I never hurt you," I wipe his eyes and he smiles.

"I love you too, thank you," I pull a confused expression, "for saving me.." He sniffles and I just wipe under his eyes.

"I'm glad I did grow some balls and went to see you that day.." he nods.

"Me too.. what if.. you didn't," he whispers and looks away.

"You wouldn't be here right now... I wouldn't be here right now.. I'd be with you," I say and I mean it. If he did commit suicide and I never found him in time I would of gone too.. I wouldn't of stuck around for long.

He looks up at me with widened eyes, "you mean that?"

"Of course I do, I'd want to be with you at all costs," I really mean that to him. And I hope he knows that.

"Shall we go swimming then?" He says and I nod,

"Yes, lettuce go!" I mimic him from our ride here and he laughs as he remembers.

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