Epilogue - I Want You To Rock Me

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"Harry," I say to my husband.

"Yes, husband," Harry giggles cutely and smiles anyway to know what I want to say to him.

"I think.. we should adopt a child," Harry's smile gets wider at that and he hooks his fingers in mine. We're both sat in the pool, on rubber rings, of the house I bought for us in Spain, yes. We have two houses now. We came out here for our honeymoon.

"Really?! You want to adopt!" Harry says excitedly and I nod.

"I think it would be awesome and I don't think there's anybody I'd rather got married to and adopt a child with, any particular gender you'd want babe?" I ask him and he shrugs.

"I don't mind, I just think having a little girl or boy running around would be so cute!!" He says excitedly and I think that would be awesome too.

"Well what are we gonna do now, this is our first night on our honeymoon, you know the so called...tradition," I make my voice as low and raspy as it can get and I see Harry physically shiver.

"Let's get out the pool," he says and slips out his rubber ring and swims to the steps, me following his ways.

His lips instantly attach to mine as I join him outside of the pool, just standing in the heat of the sun. Our house is a single floored building and it's white so it's nice and cool inside.

Harry drags me into the house and I like where this is going, if I'm honest.

I stop him from walking and spin him round, I pick him up and he wraps his legs around my waist. I can feel his member hardening already and it's just arousing me even more to be honest.

I walk through the small hallway of our house through the living room and to the back area where our room is situated. First night of being married, we gonna fuck. I move away from his lips and kiss down his jaw to his neck where he starts to moan, spurring me on. I gently place him on the bed and he lays down, even though we're both still wet from swimming, and drags me on top of him, my crotch forcefully grinding down on his, in which he emits a disgustingly loud groan.

"You're so hot Haz," I breathe into his mouth as I begin to take off his bottoms and throw them somewhere, I guess we'll clean up some time later.

He moans loudly as I take him into my hand and start to pump him to full hardness, his breath coming out in short whimpers and gasps. His hands trail up and down my back, scratching and almost ripping the skin but I don't mind, everything just feels too good.

He stops me when he probably starts to get too close to the edge and he pushes me backwards. His hands move to my trunks and he takes them off, pulling them down and licking his lips seductively as my length springs up out of them. And without any hesitation, he doesn't waste time in taking me into his mouth and swirling his tongue around my tip, digging it into my slit, I moan his name out brokenly.

"Ha..Harry, stop.. I'm gonna.." he pulls away and smirks. But at least he pulled away. He's being so kinky and I love it, he goes over to my suitcase and grabs the lube, I watch him for a second as he spreads it out on his fingers.

"Are you gonna top?" I wonder, I mean I'm perfectly fine with it but I just want a heads up. He shakes his head and I am confused until he starts to push his finger in himself.

I gulp and fuck. That's hot.

I can't physically stop the hand that goes down and slowly pumps my length as I listen to him moan and watch him finger himself.

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