Chapter 21 - Don't fuck with My love

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"Harry.. sit still!" Niall says as he has to buckle me in because I'm so excited, this very morning, I've never gotten out of bed on the sound of another person telling me to so quick in my life. As soon as Niall said 'Harry get up we have a plane to catch' I was like up and in the shower faster than Niall could tell me to get up, and he was shocked. I think he still is!

Before we left Niall was making sure he had packed everything and I may have caught a glimpse of something in Niall's case, because I'm nosey as f*ck.. not saying what it was.. because it's rude and it embarrasses me.

We then went and gathered my suitcase from my sister's house and we left.. now we're on the plane! Hehe oh my god. I'm finding it hard to function properly.

So currently, Niall is trying to get me to calm down but I can't.. we're going to Disney World.. guys.. f*cking Disney World!! I'm just too excited!!

"Harry!" I stop squirming and he laughs a little trying to glare at me.. but he's failing because he damn cute.

"Come on.. babe calm down.. you're like twenty years old," I just sit back and enjoy the sound of the plane taking off.. it's always been a favourite thing of mine.. listening to a plane take off.

With Niall right next to me it's amazing.

"When will we be going?!" I complain and he takes my hand and he's shaking slightly.. awh is he nervous?

"Are you nervous of flying Niall?" I intertwine our fingers and he gives a very short and snappy nod, I can see the actual fear behind his eyes.

I gently squeeze his hand and he smiles nervously, bless him.

"You don't like flying?" I ask and he nods again. Not talking, please talk, I like talking to you, your accent is hella cute.

"Hey Niall... you wanna look at funny pictures together?" I ask as the plane begins to take off and Niall just shuts his eyes looking rather scared as he clutches my hand tightly. Poor Nialler. Scared of flying but not checking out noises late at night when I'm absolutely sh*tting myself about them, well we're all scared of different things.

"Niall... Niall.. open your eyes.. I'll look after you," he opens them slowly and I grip his hand reassuringly.

He smiles at me and then we are allowed to take our seatbelts off, his is off in a flash before he's in my lap.

Well this is new.

Is he crying?


"I dont like being in a plane!" Yes he's crying.. Awww.

"It's alright," he curls up in my lap as I rub his back gently as he is actually crying to me right now, bless him, I love this.. I love to comfort him, he's so cute when he's upset. I just wish he wasn't so scared of flying, it's wonderful if you actually look at it. I love to fly, always have enjoyed it as a baby, my mother used to tell me things, I can't wait to see my mum again.

"Shh.. Niall.. it'll be fine.. what's up baby?" He looks up with a smile on his face.. oh yeah, he loves being called baby.

"I'll be fine... If you keep calling me baby," he smiles and blushes as he stops crying.

"Why do you like it so much?" I have to ask because come on.. Why does he enjoy it?

"Makes me feel loved," his head rests against my shoulder and I grab my phone putting it on camera.

"Lets take a new home screen picture," he laughs and I snap the picture at the perfect timing to get his real laugh and smile face in. Which he hates and he shouldn't, why does he have to hate everything I love about him? He could probably say the same to me.

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