Chapter 12 - Date Night!

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wrote: 11th September 2014

edited: 29th July 2015

I'm so nervous! Why you ask?!

Because in less than an hour, Niall is taking me on a date and I just took a shower and now he's taking a shower and he said pick some cute outfit out of his wardrobe and I was like 'I don't know, what shall I wear' and guys help! I'm freaking out! 

I'm gonna cry. But I can't cry, because Niall would know because of my red eyes and I'm over thinking absolutely everything.

"What do you think I should wear Hercules?" I ask his little cute dog, Hercules yaps and I shake my head, "You're a dog, you're no help,"  I sigh and rummage through all his clothes. I eventually see some black skinny jeans! Thank the Lord!!!

I pull them out and hear the water stop. Niall's getting out. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Maybe he can help me pick out some clothes? Yeah that'd make me panic less. As I rummage around for a top I feel arms wrap round me and a kiss on the back of my neck.

"Hello," I say and he kisses me again.

"Hiya, what you gonna wear? I gotta look cuter than you, if that's even possible," I roll my eyes and hold up the black skinny jeans.

"With what? Shirtless cos that's fine by me, but public might not like it," he winks and I feel slightly exposed and self conscious with his muscley body and nice tattoos and ugh.

"I don't know, help me!" I almost cry and sulk like a two year old.

"What do you wanna wear?" he asks and pulls out his outfit with no problem at all. How does he fucking do that? Fuck you Niall Horan, fuck you.

"I dunno! Help me please Niall!" I beg him and he pulls his top over his head with me still there and he hasn't dropped his towel yet, oh god. What if he does, that would mean he's comfortable around me, but I'm not that comfortable around other people, people disgust me. Except Niall. He's beautiful. He can undress me if he wants, I would like that, his hands everywhere and his kisses all over my body, and-

"Harry? Haz?... Baby?" Niall waves his hand in front of my face and I realise I've got a stupid fucking smile on my face and he's just standing there looking confused.

He holds up some clothes for me to take and I take the top and he smiles.

"Thanks," I sigh and pull it over my head, it's a nice top and it actually suits me so thank you Niall. No longer fuck you because you helped.

He has already got his trousers on and his hair is slopped around his head,

"You want me to sort your hair out again?" he smiles and nods shyly.

"Please," he says and steps away letting me get changed, I pull on boxers and the pair of jeans I found, Niall has really skinny legs! Fuck, do I even fit in these? They're squeezing places that aren't good. Ouch.

I fumble with the tightness of these jeans as I follow Niall to the spot where I last sorted his hair out.

"Sit down then," I instruct and he sits cross legged on the floor, I sit behind him and when he doesn't move, I pull him closer and he smirks cheekily at me.

"Getting closer are we styles."

"Shut up and let me blow dry your stupid fucking hair," he scoffs and turns around handing me the hair drier that's on the floor. He plugs it in and I do what I did last time, and Niall has a habit of singing whilst I blow dry his hair, as he starts to sing again, and I'm unfamiliar with the songs he sings. Maybe they're the same as the one he said he wrote about me?

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