Chapter Five - I met this boy late last year

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wrote : 31st August 2014

edited: 5th July 2015

-this is where each line of 'don't' comes into play...-

"Hey Mr.Styles get up!" my eyes shoot open as my last name rolls off someone's tongue.

"What where am I?!" I say frantically and sit up.

"Morning sunshine," Archie stands above me.

"Archie?" she smiles and nods.

"I'm here to pick you up, come on Mr.Horan is waiting at home, his home," he's what? Really? Oh my fuck. I'm going to Niall horans house.

"Ok, I'll take a shower and get dressed," she leaves with a smile and I get up as fast as I ever have like ever, not even Christmas when I was five did I get up this quick.

I jump into my shower and sing English love affair, by the time the songs over I'm done. So I step out and rush around my room trying to find something to wear. I settle for my favorite black skinny jeans and a plain white shirt.

This is happening, I'm meeting Niall for the very first time. In person anyway, this isn't my life? Where's the shit insults and people telling me to go die? Hmm? Yeah that's right! I have a new friend called Niall! Well he's not technically my friend, but I'd like him to be.

Maybe we'd be friends, that sounds so fun! Be friends with Niall, hang out with Niall, kiss Niall, marry Niall- WAIT no too far. Let's not get our hopes up.

"Are you ready Harry?" Archie shouts up the stairs and I'm knocked me out of my thoughts, I start to panic and throw my clothes on that I hadn't even put on yet. What the fuck Harry.

You're about to meet the guy you've loved since you were eleven ok. Yes. Niall. You're meeting him. Breathe.

"Yeah! Coming!" I shout and run out my room. Then run back in grabbing me phone and jacket and turning the light off.

I run down the stairs that not long ago I would daydream on. Dreams do come true.

"Ok, Mr.Styles lets go," Gemma suddenly puts something in my hand.

"Oh thanks," I look at my inhaler and she smiles.

"And Archie, it's Harry," I correct her and she smiles, nodding, pulling me out the door.

"Bye Gem! Be back later!"

"Bye Harry, have a good day!" she yells back before I disappear into the car Archie brought to pick me up in, Gemma stands in the door and waves me off as I leave, clutching my inhaler.

"So, Mr- I mean Harry, are you excited?" I nod widely and she gets a message.

"It's Mr.Horan, driver, go to the stadium, he wants to meet us there," I'm so nervous now. Niall Horan is gonna meet me at a stadium and probably with all his football buddies! I'm quite pathetic, I look rather tough but I'm not. It's just an appearance.

"Archie, how did you find my Tumblr?" I wonder and she laughs.

"I searched for you, your name isn't difficult to find, Harry underscore styles," I nervously laugh and remember that my name is that on everything so I could understand why it was so easy to find me.

"Why didn't you just tell me you were Archie Jefferetta?" she shakes her head and I have to think her and Niall, they'd make a cute couple, but she's just an assistant and I'm just a fan.

"Well, I wanted to see if it was you first and turns out I was right," she looks out the window and I watch as the trees whiz past the ongoing car.

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