Chapter Nine - Then I jumped right in a week later returned

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wrote: 6th september 2014

edited: 23rd july 2015

How long am I staying at Niall Horan's house you ask? A WEEK! A FUCKING WEEK. Sorry, sorry, but right now it's difficult to concentrate when Niall has just been in the shower and is sitting in front of me as I sit on his bed, asking me to do his hair because he can't do it himself, with only a towel wrapped round his waist.. a towel. That's all that's separating me from his d.

I want that shit. I could just rip the towel off him. No. I can't. His hair Harry. Oh yeah!

"What do you want me to exactly do to your hair?" I wonder and he grabs a hair dryer.

"Blow dry it for me," I'll blow you dry. No Harry! No no dirty thoughts, the boy is practically between your legs. Holy shit.

"Ugh, how? What style? Like you always do?" he shrugs and I can see him in the mirror, he has a small smile playing at this lips and his eyelashes are darker than usual with little water droplets on them and his eyes, they're something else.. They're irresistible looking all blue and shit

"However you want," I nod and he relaxes against my knees and I take a hair brush, brushing back all this thick hair on top of his  head. I look at how dark the roots are and I think he should let it all go brunette, and I have a great view of his v lines in the mirror from here. Hehe

"Ow careful Haz!" he said my fucking nickname! He flinches as the brush pulls on his shortish hair.

"It's not my fault you didn't use conditioner!" I say back and brush his hair forward so it's in the right place.

"Sorry hair styles-ist," he jokes and it's a shit joke, but I laugh anyway cos he's hot.

"That was a shit joke and maybe using it would have its perks, it would be easier for you to brush," I explain and he pulls a 'what' face.

"You think I brush my hair? I never brush it, or blow dry it, that's the stylists job! If I'm home alone I just wash it and leave it to dry," he laughs and I shake my head and grab the hair dryer.

"I'm gonna make it all fluffy," I say with a smile. He looks confused at first but shuffles back a little and then when I don't part my knees, he separates them and slides in between my legs, his head easier to reach from this position.

I turn the hair dryer on and as I carefully blow dry his hair into place I want, I hear him sing softly to himself. I don't know what he's singing but he's amazing. Really good.

When it's fully dry Niall is still singing and it's beautiful. He suddenly sees me smiling at him and stops blushing madly.

"Sorry," he mutters and stands up.

"No! Keep singing! You have a beautiful voice," I mutter the last bit and he shakes his head laughing slightly.

"No I don't! Why would you say that?" he laughs.

"Because when I blow dried your hair I listened to you sing the entire way through," I explain and he blushes slightly.

"Sorry about that," he blushes again and walks over to his wardrobe, looking through the clothes.

"Honestly, you have a great voice! Surely you believe that! I like listening to you sing," I smile and walk to him where he stands and he faces me.

"I cant sing! I'm not a singer! But I do play guitar," he says with another little blush on his cute little cheeks.

"Really? You'll have to play for me some time," I suggest and he smiles again.

"I dunno, I'm pretty shit at that too!" he laughs and I shake my head taking his shoulders in my hands.

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