Moving On[22]

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Chapter 22

Sierra and I walked to lunch while talking excitedly about our unnofficial, but apparently very huge win.

"I still can't be believe that we won!" Sierra said.

"Yeah, me too. Even I had to admit, she was really good."

As we rounded another corner we heard voices. A girl yelling.

"We totally could have won that! But you messed up the notes! I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING MESS UP THE FUCKING NOTES!" This girl was obviously Kelly. I peeked over where they were and I could see that Miranda was crying. I looked over at Sierra and she looked worried.

"Shouldn't we do something?" I whispered.

She shrugged ans started to walk to lunch again but I walked over to where Kelly was yelling and Miranda was crying. Kelly didn't notice me coming.

"I'm sorry!" Miranda wailed. Why was she apologizing?

"Sorry my AS--"

"Excuse me, is there a problem here?" I placed one hand on my hip.

"Get out of here new girl." Kelly snapped.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Is everything such a competition to you? Seriouslu." I grabbed Miranda by her shoulder and pulled her into the bathroom across the hall.

"You ok?" I asked her. She nodded.

Her eyes were red and he make-up was running all the way down her face. I sighed and pulled out the make-up I had in my bag. I pointed motioned for her to go in front of the mirror and she obeyed. I carefully wiped away all tears and make-up from her face. I then reapplied eyeliner and mascara so that she looked normal again. We didn't talk to each other the whole time. When I was finished, I packed up all my stuff and put it in my bag.

"You shouldn't let her talk to you like that." When she didnt't reply right away I started for the bathroom, not expecting a thank you.

Just as I was about to walk out I heard a, "Thank-you." I turned around and smiled.

"No problem." I walked out the door and followed all the noise until I found the lunchroom. I scanned the lunchroom until I saw a familiar group of people. I walked over to Vanny, Sierra, Widmaier, and two other girls I didn't know

"Hey guys." I sat down. I was exhausted. School was only half over.

"Where were you?" Sierra asked me.

"I was helping Miranda." I said simply.

They all gasped in surprise, "You helped one of THEM!" One girl I didn't know yelled.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "I'm Stacey. Nice to meet you too. And yes, I helped one of them. She was getting yelled at by Kelly because me and Sierra beat them at singing or whatever."

"OH SHIT! YOU BEAT KELLYAND MIRANDA!" The other one exclaimed.

"Yeah. You should have seen their faces. Haha bitches!" Sierra high-fived nameless girl.

"Oh yeah. Thats Angelina a.k.a Angie and thats Brunie."

Angie was the one that was surprised when I said I helped one of them and brunie was the really loud one. This would probably be a good time to describe everybody.

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