Moving On [26]

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Chapter 26

I walked over to where Brunie and everyone else was.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Hey gurl!" Angie yelled.

We all laughed at her greeting. We talked for a bit but then the bell rang. Off to social studies.

"Bye guys." I said and walked to my first period with Brunie. During the period, I realized Brunie was right. World History was ridiculously boring.

"Yes!" I said when the bell finally rang.

"I know right." Brunie responded.

I waited for Vanny and Widmaier to come in and when they did they were busy talking loudly. But not as loud as Brunie.

"Hey Stacey." Vanny said.

"Hiiii." Widmaier said.

"Hey." I waved at them.

Just then the dude from yesterday--Mark I think it was-- walked in.

"Minus 2 points!" He mimicked.

"Minus 2 for Mark." Mr.Cenatus said walking in.

Vanny collapsed with laughter. "Karmas a bitch." She said loud enough so only we heard.

"Alright. Class, let's get started."

Trystn groaned. "Oh god no. I hate this class."

I chuckled. "Why?"

"Because the teacher is a fucking bastard that's why."Vanny said while laughing.

Over the whole course he had written crap on the board and none of us understood anything.

"The homework is to finish that practice worksheet!" He said just as the bell rang.

"Bye guys." I walked up the stairs to Creative Writing. Maybe she'll be in class today. I walked in and sat next to Sierra. I was surprised to see that Ms.Morgan was here and sitting at her desk.

"Goodmorning class!" Ms.Morgan chirped.

"Well, today we are going to start a collaboration project. Pick your partners wisely and you have to make up a story idea and you each write chapters in the story. The story has to be a minimum of 10 chapters and it's due 5 weeks from today. Today is Wednesday, September 15 so the project is due on October 20. When you have a partner come up to my desk and tell me." She then walked back to her desk.

"Wanna be partners?" Sierra asked me.

"Sure. Let's go tell Ms.Morgan."

We both got up and told Ms.Morgan that we were partners. When we got back to our desks we started thinking of ideas.

"Well it should be about a girl I guess." Sierra said.

"Yeah...I can't think of anything." I said.

"Me neither. Well, we have time I guess."

"I want the first chapter done and handed in to me on Monday." Ms.Morgan said from her desk.

"Or not." Sierra and I said at the same time.

We spent the whole period pitching ideas. Some were bad, some stupid, and some just crazy. We had a lot of work to do. When the bell rang I said bye and walked to Chemistry. I hadnt notices Kelly in Creative Writing but I definitely would in Chemistry.

When I walked into the classroom I saw Angie talking to Ms.Sarela.

When they were done I went over to Angie. "Hey! I didn't know you were in this class." I said to her.

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