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I Hate You, Brendon Urie. by ViWrites
I Hate You, Brendon ➹Vi♡
Luna Solange, a 20 year old artist who specializes in body art, has a job opportunity to apply makeup for a singer of a certain band. It certainly wasn't like anything s...
  • cute
  • depression
  • disco
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Living With The Thomson Boys (EDITING) by oatessosimple
Living With The Thomson Boys ( oatessosimple
My names Charlie, Charlie Nicole Love, when I was 16 years old my parents and loving brother died, sending my whole world crumbling down, forced to move to California to...
  • teenfiction
  • shannonjade
  • love
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The Billionaire's Heart  by WorldWriter_1
The Billionaire's Heart by ☀️ α s ғ ε ε 🌙
{COMPLETED} [ManxBoy] Book 2 of 'The Billionaire's' Series: Callan Quinn is a twenty years old man, he is short with brown hair and hazel eyes. He has no interest in any...
  • billionaire
  • friends
  • love
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Sebastian Stan & Bucky Barnes Imagines by LittleSebby
Sebastian Stan & Bucky Barnes A.K.
Bucky Barnes Sebastian Stan I may or may not do relationship imagines for Sebastian. I'm open to the idea. 😉 If you would like to fantasy-date a certain metal-armed sup...
  • bucky
  • wattys2018
  • cleanfanfic
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Meeting the demigods by DoctorWhovian32
Meeting the demigodsby Just a Writer
Pretty self explanatory, It's a story about our favorite heroes meeting mortals!
  • frazel
  • fiction
  • meeting
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Ddlg Chatroom by love_draea
Ddlg Chatroomby Draea Bear
~Find a dom/Little~ ~Kik Group~
  • bdsm
  • ddlb
  • mdlg
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Tangled |✓ by _rosereads_
Tangled |✓by roses & thorns
#18 In Chicklet "Aisha, I'm leaving. " I said with all my courage. "You can't okay.. You better understand. I-I won't let you!! " she sobbed out sit...
  • fate
  • meeting
  • love
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Magnus bane x readers by harrypottermalec
Magnus bane x readersby Book lover 17
Magnus Bane one shots , enjoy .
  • party
  • text
  • dancing
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CAUGHT! (Uh-Oh! Quit Jerkin' It!) by Post-Moe
CAUGHT! (Uh-Oh! Quit Jerkin' It!)by Your Slutty Lil Girl
You return to the meeting room, only to find something you were not expecting to find... ... One of the countries pleasuring themselves in open sight. (Various!Countrie...
  • meeting
  • xreader
  • baltics
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PIPE DREAMS #1 THE TRIP by pallazzio
PIPE DREAMS #1 THE TRIPby Laurine Pallazzio
Nick and Natalia are planning to meet each other in a hotel two years after he left to chase his dream career in music and six months after she went to see him in New Yo...
  • laurine
  • kiss
  • together
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To Where Destiny Leads Us//SM by Fangirlobviously
To Where Destiny Leads Us//SMby Fangirlobviously
[i have given up on fixing spelling and grammar mistakes so good luck] Emma Smith lives in New York City, but that doesn't make her "glamorous". Emma is really...
  • girls
  • books
  • boys
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last time » Tolisso ✓ by avgsilva
last time » Tolisso ✓by ✧
When Corentin met her for the very first time, he already knew that there was going to be a very last time. january 2019┊♡
  • bayernmunich
  • corentintolisso
  • firsttime
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The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
  • shy
  • ryan
  • fight
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Having My Werewolf Hubby's Pup [COMPLETE] by BonbonLove
Having My Werewolf Hubby's Pup [ BonbonLove
[#1 in Pup 1/23/19] When Serena's sweet-hearted husband Nova revealed his werewolf to her, she accepted him as her mate and they started their lives together. But when t...
  • redhair
  • romance
  • werewolf
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Phone Snatcher by emotionallytoxic
Phone Snatcherby Chase
a girl gets her phone stolen and she eventually has small conversations with the phone snatcher their small, annoying and pleasant conversations may or may not lead into...
  • phone
  • yourstrulyawards
  • stolen
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Jail Bait by Cheerreader96
Jail Baitby Cheerreader96
Reagan Spencer's lived a hard life. She's been abused since the young age of 3 and as a way to cope she turned to fighting. But what happens when her only way to cope tu...
  • secret
  • emotional
  • jail
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Love, Demi (lesbian story) by writingg-poemss
Love, Demi (lesbian story)by writingg-poemss
Demi Lovato Fanfiction Lia has been waiting her whole life for the chance to see Demi Lovato in concert as she has played such a huge part in her life, helping her get t...
  • eating
  • anxiety
  • harm
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Mám něco s Vadimem? by LindaLila9
Mám něco s Vadimem?by :c Linda Lilča c:
Jednou Linda šla na Utubering a byla strašně moc happy, protože mohla uvidět Vadima a Elis. Po akci se Linda s Vadimem trošku zakecala a po pár měsících se z nich stalo...
  • youtuber
  • meeting
  • czech
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Black Butler: Ciel x Sebastian (Volume 1); How They Met by WonderlandCast
Black Butler: Ciel x Sebastian ( N
A short lemon story about our favourite demon butler and his young master.
  • summoning
  • butler
  • sebastianmichaelis
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Youtuber Preferences  by XxMaisyMaixX
Youtuber Preferences by Mäáâåaãi
In this story it will include the youtubers: Pewdiepie (Felix), Markiplier (Mark), Jacksepticeye (Jack), Daniel Howell (Dan) and Amazing Phil (Phil). Yes. Daniel Howell...
  • youtubeimagine
  • love
  • meeting
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