Moving On [17]

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Chapter 17

I followed all the signs to the taxi area and when I got there all I saw were people with signs. I guess I had to look for my name. I walked along, looking for my name when I finally saw it. Stacey in bold letters. It was held by a guy, he looked to be in his 20's. I walked over to him.

"I'm Stacey."

"Good, let's get outta here." He motioned for me to follow him and so I did. As we walked along, he told me about himself.

"I'm Drew, one of your moms friends. Your mom couldn't pick you up because she's at work. Anyways I'm 34 and I will be taking you home."

"Your seriously 34?" He looked so much younger.


"Cool." I put my stuff into the trunk of his Mercedes. Better than a taxi, I thought.

I got into the passenger seat and then we were off. I had to admit. Houston was really pretty. It was very calming compared to Los Angeles. It was more country I guess. Once we got off of airport grounds, we passed a mall, stores, then we got to the residential area.

"So how old are you?"



"So you know why I lived in Los Angeles right?" I asked.



"You'll like it here, I promise you that."

"I'm holding you to it." I joked.

He laughed as we turned onto another street.

"Here we are. I'm staying with you until your mom comes home, which should be soon."

"You have the keys to the house?"

"Yeah, your mom gave me a spare."

"You guys must be close."

"I was her other best friend, along with LeeAnn in high school."


As we were talking, I was checking out the house. This looked like a nice neighborhood. This house was nice. It was pretty big and it looked well taken care of.

"Nice house right?" Drew said as he got my bag from the trunk. I nodded.

"Let's go inside." Drew said.

I followed him to the house and when he unlocked the door, we stepped inside. This house was nice. It had a nice kitchen with new appliances. As we walked I could see that the living room was very modern and had nice furniture.

"I think your mom said that your room was upstairs. The first room on your right." Drew said walking up the staircase.

I followed him upstairs and he opened up my bedroom door. My room was a mixture of purple and blue. My walls alternated between being a dark purple to a light blue. My bed sheets were purple but my pillows were blue and purple. I had a desk in the corner for homework and stuff. I also had a built in closet.

"I take it you like your room?" Drew laughed.

I nodded."Someone must have told her of my favorite colors."

"LeeAnn did."


"Are you hungry?"

As if on cue, my stomach growled loudly. I blushed then nodded.

"What would you like to eat? We have pizza, pizza, oh and did I mention pizza?" He said teasingly.

"Pizza it is." I liked Drew. He was nice.

"To the kitchen."

We walked downstairs and there were three boxes of cheese pizza on the kitchen island. Drew and I both grabbed a piece of pizza and talked. We talked about him, me, the house, and my mom.

"She really cares about you."


"She's sorry for all the confusion and what not."

I nodded. I really didn't want to talks about her.

"Speak of the devil." Drew got up when he heard a car pull up.

"Is that her?" I asked while cleaning up.



"Drew?" We heard the front door open as my mom called out his name. Drew put his fingers to his lips and hid behind the wall that opened up so that when she walked in he would pop out. He signaled for me to hide to. I shook my head no and he threw a silent temper tantrum. I held up my hands in defeat and hid in the closet. Luckily, the closet was the type where it had a knob and you pullled it to one side and it wasn't all wood, you could see through the door because it was modeled like those window blinds the you could peek through. Anyways, back to the joke.

My mom walked in and as soon as she was in enough, Drew jumped out and yelled Boo! in her face. She screamed and jumped back then laughed when she saw Drew.

"What the hell!" She swatted at his arm.


She laughed then abruptly stopped. "Where's Stacey?"

Drew stopped laughing. "Was I supposed to pick her up?" He was playing another joke.

"Yes!! Shes probably lost at the airport right now you dumb ass!" She started hitting him on his chest. He tried to keep a straight face then burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing?!" She yelled.

"Stacey, come out here."

I was giggling in the pantry so when I came out of the closet I was still giggling. My mom obviously didn't know what to say.

"Hi." I smiled, struggling to contain my laughter.

"That wasn't funny!" She yelled.

"Yeah, it was." Drew said.

"She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. "How was your flight?"


"Well, we have a lot of stuff to do today."

"Like what?" I asked.

"I already enrolled you at Houston High School, but you have to go there and get all your stuff and meet the principal."

"Oh ok."

"I can take her if you're busy again Kat."

"That would be awesome. I have to go back to work in soon anyway." She hugged Drew and Drew blushed.

"Ok then. Let's go Stacey."


"Yeah, now."

"Oh ok." I said bye to my mom and was out the door again with Drew. When we got into the car, I turned to face Drew.

"What?" He asked.

"I saw that blush Drew. You have a crush on my mom."

He blushed again, "What? No!"


"Let's go to your new school." He was obviously trying to change the subject. I let him get away with it this time.

"To the school." I said.

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