Moving On [25]

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Chapter 25

Drew used his key to open the door.

"Thanks for the ride Drew. We're gonna head up to my room. Where's Kat?"

"She said something about going grocery shopping."

"Oh ok. We'll be upstairs."

I headed for the stairs and my friends followed. Once we were in my room I threw my bag down and flopped onto my bed.

"Woah! Your room is awesome!" Widmaier complimented.

"Thanks." I pulled out my laptop and waited for it to boot up.

"Ok, so let's see that picture of your boyfriend..." Sierra said.

"Shane." I finished for her.

"Oohh. His name is hot so he must be hot!" Vanny said.

"Wait, you have a boyfriend?" Widmaier asked.

I nodded and when my laptop was on I pulled out my pictures. I pulled out one of Shane giving me a piggyback ride and showed it to them.

"He's hot!" Brunie exclaimed.

I laughed, "I know."

"Ok. Let's do some homework." Widmaier said.

Sierra faked coughed, "Nerd."

"Dont be mad that I have straight A's." Widmaier retorted.

"Ok, ok. How much homework do you guys have?" I asked.

"I only have math." They all said. Then we laughed.

"I hate math!" I said after we had started homework half an hour ago.

I had guessed for everything but my name.

"Better like it tomorrow. He's giving us a skill test or something tomorrow and he'll have the grades by the end of class." Widmaier said.

"What?! When did he say that?"

"When you were doodling in your notebook instead of doing the practice problems."

I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Well, I'm done." Vanny said.

"Yep, me too." Brunie said.

"I don't do homework Pfft." Sierra said.

"You better do it tonight!" Widmaier said.

"I'm done!" Angie said.

"Ok, let's go downstairs and talk to Drew!" Brunie suggested, already heading for the door.

"I'll be down in a sec. Just gotta do one thing."

"Ok." They said as they walked downstairs.

I quickly logged on to my MSN and luckilly Danny was on.

StaceFace:Hey Dan XD

DantheMan: Hey wats up!

StaceFace:Nm, I just got back from school

DantheMan:Anythn new

StaceFace:Nm, dissed a bitch, won a competition, made the cheer squad, got hit on, and made some new friends!

DantheMan:Wowww....all I did was fall asleep.

StaceFace: Yea well I just wanted to say hi so tell everyone heyyyy for me g2g!

DantheMan: L8r babe ;)

StaceFace has signed off.

I quickly closed my laptop and went downstairs where I heard laughing.

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