Moving On [11]

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Chapter 11

"So what do you guys have any ideas of what you want to get at the mall?" I asked.

"No, we just thought we would see what they had. I know the best store to go shopping for this kind of stuff." Sara said.

"So its definetly going to be a masquerade thing right?"

"Yep." Danny said.

"Don't you need a lot of people to have a masquerade thing?" I asked.

"Don't worry, we invited everybody already." Danny said.

"Like who?" I asked.

"Its a surpise Stace, don't worry we have it all under control."

I let out a sigh of relief just as we got to the mall. We walked into the mall and went to the store that Sara claimed to have everything. THe store was called  Masquerade. I rolled my eyes. Of course she would know of this store.

"We're here!" Sara said excitedly.

"Yep." Lacy said.

The store had a gothic feel to it. Its walls were painted a dark purple and the decorations were...gothic at the least.

"Are you sure there arent any other stores we could try?" Lacy asks, obviously having the same thoughts as me.

"No! This store is perfect, lets go in." Sara said walking in.

Suprisingly, the clothes were decent.

"So what kind of clothes do you wear to one of these parties oh wise one?" Danny asked Sara teasingly.

"Well I would imagine that the girls would wear fancy dresses and that guys would wear anything decent enough. Oh, and masks! Definetly masks." Sara answered.

"Ok so lets all split up and look for potential clothes then meet at the dressing room in like 15 minutes?" I suggested.

"Wait, I can't shop by myself, i'm a guy mann."

"Ok then Lacy, you help him out...please?" I gave her my cutest smile.

"Fine." She huffed, grabbing Danny's arm and leading him to the mens side."

"So for the next 15 minutes I looked through frilly dresses, slutty dresses, long dresses, and everything else this store had to offer. I finally decided on three potential dresses. One was a dark purple that was long and went down to my feet but was split in the middle from the knees down and I grabbed a feathered purple mask to match with it. The next one was a black and white one that was very short but still very pretty and it came with a black mask that you had to hold. The last one was a long blue dress that was shimmery and I paired that with a blue feathery mask. I quickly took all my choices to the dressing room where Lacy, Danny, and Sara were waiting.

"Sorry i'm late." I said.

"No problem. Now, who wants to try on their outfits first?" Sara asked.

"I will." Danny said.

He quickly changed and came out in a dark suit with a gold mask. Good enough for Danny I thought.

"Is that all you picked out?" Sara asked.

"Yeah."He muttered.

"Ok, Lacy your next. How many dresses do you have?" Sara asked.

"Only 2."

"Ok go change."

Lacys first choice was a dark green dress that came up to her knees and had specks of gold on it. She put on her gold mask.

"Very pretty Lacy." I said.

Lacys second choice was a dark blue longer dress that split down the middle that had specks of gold on it also, almost the same style as mine.

"Ooo very pretty."

"So which one do you guys like better?" Lacy asked.

"This one." Sara and I said at the same time.

"Cool this one was my favorite."

"Me next!"

Sara came out in a stunning medium length dress that was yellow, but she made it look good.

"What do you guys think?"Sara asked, posing.

"Awesome!" Lacy and I confirmed.

"Good, because this was the only dress I picked out." Sara changed back into her regular clothes then pointed at me then at the dressing room. I nodded then went in. I decided to ditch the short black one while I was in there. I chose to come out in the purple dress first. I walked out and everyones jaws dropped to the floor.

"What?" I asked, fingering the material of the dress.

"You-"Sara started.

"Look--" Lacy continued.

"HOT!!" Danny finished.

"I do not." I said, happy they liked the dress.

"Yeah, you do. Do you have another one?"

"Yep." I nodded while walking back in to change into the next dress.

I came out in the long blue one and they had pretty much the same reaction.

"Stunning!"Lacy complimented.

"So which one do you guys like?" I asked.

"I don't know, they both make you look gorgeous."

"Well the purple one was cheaper so I gue--" I began.

"Why don't you just get both, our treat?" Danny asked looking at Sara and Lacy for approval.

"Great idea!"Sara confirmed.

"I couldn't guys."

"You can and you will now go get your dresses and lets go home, this place creeps me out." Lacy shuddered.

So I paid for one dress and they split the bill for the next dress and they bought their own.

"Thank you guys soo much. You really didnt have to do this." I said on our way to my house.

"No problemo." They all said.

Danny stopped in front of my house.

"Bye guys!"I said.

"See you tomorrow!" They said while driving away.

Oh yeah! I'd almost forgotten about the party, even though we'd just been shopping for it. The more I thougt about it, the more excited I got. I walked into my house and flopped onto my bed.

Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough.

****I'm going to put up pics of only Stacey's dresses on the side if I can get it to work. So just check back if it wasn't there when you read it. XDXD********

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