Moving On [8]

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Chapter 8

I'll just tell them that I'm moving because of.....OMG! I can't think of anything. Why was lying suddenly so hard? I'd toyed with the idea of just teliing them I was adopted...but decided against it. I could always tell just Lacy and Dan...Shane doesn't have to know. Relatioinships don't last long anyway.

Ok, I decided I would tell Lacy and Dan, we were bfffl. Shane would just hear the other version which was true, but missing some parts. Ughhh, what period is it? Ok I'm in science or something so thats 5th period. Yayy lunch is next.  

I felt something hit the back of my head. I whirled around to see a smirking Dan. I smiled and quickly wrote a note that said to meet me in the art room before lunch and to bring Lacy. I passed it to Samantha who passed it to Dan. He read it and nodded and passed it to Lacy. Everyone of my freinds was in this class except for Sara. Lacy nodded her head. The bell should be ringing soon mayb in like 10--Ring!! Or now. I waited for my friends to cathc up and we started walking towards the art room.

"So whats this all about?" Dan asked.

"I have something important to tell you."

"How important?" Lacy asked.

"Very important."

"Oh." They both said.

We made it to the art room and checked to see if anyone was in there. The coast was clear so we walked in and put our stuff down.

Dans stomach growled. "Lets make this fast, i'm starving."

I rolled my eyes. The only thing Dan ever did was complain, eat, and flirt.

I started pacing around the room thinnkiing about how I should start.

"Stace your making me nervous." Lacy said, looking worried.

"Sorry." I continued pacing.

"Ok i'm--."

"Your...?" Dan said.

"I'm.." I said.

"Spit it our for Gods sakes!!" Lacy said.

"I'm adopted." I whispered so quietly you had to have super hearing to hear what I said. Apparently they had super hearing because they both had their jaws on the floor.

"Close your mouths." I snapped.

"Your what!?" Lacy yelled, shocked.

"Adopted." I sighed.

"How do you know?" Dan asked.

"Because I read a letter on earlier this week that I obviously wasn't meant to read and thats why me and Sara spent so long in the bathroom on Monday because I was in there telling her what happened."

"Wow." They both said.

"So...your what?" Dan asked.

"I have to move."

"What--no!" Lacy said.

"Yeah and I have to move on monday."

"Wait...isn't that your birthday?"

"YEs." I was now on the verge of tears. Before I knew it I was wrapped in a nearly suffocating bear hug by the both of them.

"Its ok." Dan said soothingly.

"No its not." I said while crying.

I continued to tell them all the details in the span of five minutes.

"So your dads throwing you a big birthday bash?" Lacy asked, trying to lift the mood.

"Yeah, I need you guys to help me plan it."

"Of course." Dan said.

"Ok..oh and don't tell Shane. I'm not telling him the whole adopted part, only you guys know plus Sara."

"No problme. We are all coming over afterschool at my house to plan your birthday/goodybye party." Dan said.

"Thanks." I said smiling.

We made our way out of the art room and to lunch.

"Finally!" Sara yelled.

"Hey." I told her.

"Where have you guys been?" Shane asked while walking over to give me a hug.

"We need to talk guys."

"Oh yeah you were saying you wanted to tell us something at lunch, so talk." Sara said.

"Basically, i'm moving."

"What!? Why?"Shane asked.

"Umm just school and other stuff."

"Oh ok." Sara said. I could tell she didn't believe me. I gave her a look that said I would explain later.

"Whats going ot happen when your not here?" Shane asked.


Ring!!! "Were we that late?"


"I have to go to class. I'll talk to all of you later."

"Ok bye."


Even though I still had like four days before moving, I still felt like we were already split apart.

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