Moving On [13]

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Chapter 13 (second part to 12) 

"Picture time!!"Sara screamed, pulling out her crimson colored camera. 

"Oh,no pictures please."I covered my face with my face. 

"Oh come on,you take awesome pictures!"Lacy said. 

"That doesn't mean I like taking them!"I said,trying to turn away from the camera as well. 




"Alright, alright!"I turned around to see Derek and Sara giving each other a high five. Derek had his own camera with him too. 

"Now one of us all together!" Lacy said, angling her own camera in front of all three of our faces. When did they all get cameras. 

"We're here." Isaac said to Derek. Derek nodded at Sara and Lacy and walked into the club. I decided to take that moment to check the club out. It was called Down Under and it looked very cool. However,unlike other clubs, there wasn't loud music pumping from inside. I looked warily over at Sara and Pacy who were looking at me. 

"It's timee."Sara said in a sing-song voice. 

"Why is there no music?" I asked once we were outside the limo. 

"Just shhhhh."Lacy put up a finger to her made-up lips.  

They led me inside the club in question and when we got in,there was no sound. I think we passed through one big room before I felt us going up steps. Did I mention it was dark? It was pitch black, lord knows how they knew where they were going. They'd obviously taken the time to memorize every step.  

"Where are you taking me?" I whispered. All of a sudden the pressure of their hands were gone and I heard their heels click-clacking away. 

"What the--" 


All of a sudden in front of me was a room full of people. The lights were blinding me. there were green, purple, blue, yellow, red....all different colored strobe lights before one big main light came on, letting me fully take in the gigantic room before me. I apparently was on some sort of make shift stage in the front of a room filled with masked people. The rooms interior was clearly made around the color purple, my favorite color. The tables were round and sat 6 people each. The tables were an assortment of different colors, like the lights. There was confetti, balloons, and everything else that you needed for a party. Speaking of the party..... 


I just stood there frozen. I didn't know what to do but they were all waiting for me to say something. 

"Ummmm.....thank you guys!"I finally said. Then everyone laughed and my abandoners plus danny came back on stage giggling. 

"Was that awesome, or was that awesome?" Danny asked walking up in his newly acquired costume. 

"That was scary!" I said while laughing. Then I remembered I was mad and walked away from them. 

"Hey!" They said. 

"Now you know how it feels to be abandoned." I said walking off the platform. They just laughed and scrambled to get off the platform as three burly men told them to get off so they could move it. 

"Sorry Stacey, but it was all part of the plan." Lacy said. 

"Yuh huh." I said. the men moved the platform to reveal the biggest dance floor I'd ever seen.  

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