Moving On[31]

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Chapter 31

I walked all the way to my next in an extremely bad mood. Who did this jerk off think he was? As far as I was concerned he was dead to me.

The bell rang. Oh shit! I ran down the hallways all the way to my class. I skidded to a stop and opened the door to see that Ms.A wasn't even there. I sighed in relief.

I walked over to where Sierra was talking to Miranda. Strange.

"Hey guys." I waved at them.

"Hey, you're late." Sierra fake scolded.

I laughed, completely forgetting about Seth for a second. "Hey Miranda."



"I'm not with Kelly because I'm done being her follower." Miranda said reading my mind.

"Oooo." I responded.

"Hello class! Sorry I'm late. Today is freestyle no groups with more then 3 people." Ms.A said while walking in.

"Wanna work with us Miranda?" I asked.

"Sure, I have to go use the bathroom really quick though so I'll be right back." Miranda said.

"So what song should we do?" I asked Sierra.

"I don't buy it." Sierra crossed her arms.

"Buy what?"

"Miranda ditching Kelly. No one ditches Kelly."

"So? Things change. So what songs?" I asked.

"I don't know let's wait for her to come back."

When Miranda came back she walked straight over to us. I saw Kelly smirking out of the corner of her eye. Ok?

"Hey, what song should we do?" Miranda said.

"I don't know. How about...What the Hell by Avril lavigne?" Sierra suggested.

"I don't know if that song can really be sung." Miranda said.

"We could pull it off." Sierra crossed her arms.

"I don't think so. It wouldn't show off our voices." Miranda said.

"Well if you have a good voice it shouldnt be that big of a problem now should it?" Sierra said, stepping closer to Miranda.

"I guess it could be just for fun?" I suggested, stepping in between them.

"I guess." Miranda smiled at me. Sierra rolled her eyes at Mirandas back.

I gave her a look that said "keep the peace". She sighed.

We practiced What the Hell one time before we had to go sing in front of everyone.

Everyone sang their songs. Choices varied from Just Dance to I'm Yours. When the bell rang Miranda disappeared and Sierra and I walked to lunch.

"So how was that skills test?"

"Ughh don't even mention that thing."

"That bad?"

I nodded as we sat down at our table.

"Hey." Widmaier said.

"Hii!"Sierra and I said at the same time.

"Hey gurlls!!" Angelina came with a tray of snacks.

"Hello." Vanny said all lady like. It went quiet for a second. Then we all bursted out laughing.

"Are you only eating snacks?" I asked Angelina.

"Yeah." She opened up a bag of Doritos.

"HEY!!!" Brunie said loudly, plopping down in her seat.

Of course, how could we forget Brunie?

"Hiii." We all said.

Just then Kelly and her minions stopped their little power walk at our table. She smirked at all of Angelina's snacks.

"Awww little Angelina? Should you really be eating those if you want to be flyer?" Kelly said sweetly.

"Don't be mad you don't have a fast metabolism Kelly. Maybe your plastic surgeon could do a better job with those thighs next time?" Angelina replied just as sweet.

"OH SHIT!!" Brunie rolled with laughter.

Kelly turned a deep red. Like a tomato. I struggled to keep in my laughter. She turned her death glare to me.

She laughed. "You should be the last one laughing. Ms.Morgan and I talked about your little performance at Cheerleading...and we concluded...that you suck." Kelly smirked and started to walk away.

"OH HELL NAW!!" Brunie yelled.

I rolled my eyes to show that I didn't care. But really, I was upset. I thought I had done an O.K. job. Whatever.

I looked up from my table and was greeted by Seth and Kelly making out in the corner of the lunchroom. Kelly's back was to me so when I looked up I made eye contact with Seth.

I quickly looked down blushing. How embarrassing.

"Why are you so red?" Widmaier raised an eyebrow at me which led to everyone else doing the same.

"No reason." I lied.

"Mhmmm." Sierra said.

I quickly glanced up but saw nothing.

"Aha, she looked over there!" Vanny said turning towards the corner.

Damn my curiousness. I looked up and saw that Seth & Kelly were gone.

"You're retarded Vanny there's nothing there." Angelina said.

"Don't call me retarded dip wad." Vanny retorted.

"How about you both shutup?" Widmaier laughed.

"I'm gonna go get a drink." I said getting up.

I got on line and luckily no one else was on it. Yes! There was only one more lemon tea. I got it and walked back to the table. As soon as I sat down, the bell rang.

"Damn." I said, still opening my drink.

They laughed.

"Seeya guys there." I said.


Widmaier stayed with me.

"So how're things with Kruse?"

"Kruse...oh yeah! He's still hot!"

"Oh wow. Do you guys talk?"

"Yeah, he's really nice."

"Ooh Widmaier has a crush!" I chirped.

"Gotta go!" She blushed.

I had like 3 minutes to get to the gym. I speed walked all the way downstairs to the gym and was in the gym when the bell rang. I quickly changed and ran to the gym because everyone was already there.

"Stacey! You're a flyer now for Victory!"Ms.Morgan yelled.

"What?" I asked.

"You're the back flyer now." Ms.Morgan said.


20 minutes later...

I now knew the whole routine perfectly. The girl I had replaced gave me death glares. She was one of Kelly's minions.

Great, one other person that hates me. This should be fun.

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