Moving On [33]

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Chapter 33

Over the course of the night Drew returned to his regular,lovable self.

"Hahaha I beat you." Drew bragged as we started dinner. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"You know, there's a kid at my school. His name is Drew to. I just made that connection today." I said while eating my spaghetti.

"Wow you're very slow."

"Nuh-Uh. Only in math." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Well I gotta go home. Seeya in the morning Stacey." Drew hugged me goodbye and then left.

I noticed that he had left his dishes on the table. He had just left me with all the work! I quickly loaded up the dishwasher and walked up to my room. As I was about to wall into my room I heard Kats voice.

I walked a little closer.

"Yeah, i'm going to break up with him. He's nothing know who."

I walked back into my room. Who was you know who? And why was she trying to replace him? But she's gonna break up with Ian!! Drew would be soo happy.I still didn't know how I was gonna get them together. I could think of that tomorrow. I didn't have to much homework so it only took me 30 minutes to finish it. I looked at the clock and it read 7:30. That meant that it was like 5:30 back at home.

I quickly logged on to MSN. Only Shane was on.

Staceface: Hey Shane wats up?

Soccerstar: Nm hbu?

Staceface: Well a lot of stuff has happened like I'm on the Cheerleading team and stuff. I made a lot of friends.

Soccerstar: Awesome xD don't make a new boyfriend.

Staceface: welll...

Soccerstar: Stacey!

Staceface: jkjk so how's everyone?

Soccerstar: thnk god. every1 is gud but we all miss u.

Staceface: LeeAnn said that I can come visit but idk when. And you guys should come visit too.

Soccerstar: will do. g2g Stace. <3

Staceface: <3

Soccerstar has signed off.

It was good to know I had so many friends back home. Shane was an awesome boyfriend. Well it was only 7:45 now so I decided to surf the net.

I ended up searching people from back home on Facebook. First I searched Dan. He still had that goofy pic of himself on the monkey bars as his profile pic. I looked through and found that instead of Single he had put Interested in someone.

I didn't even know you could do that. I needed to find out who this person was. Luckily, Dan was online.

Dan: Hiiiiii!!!

Stacey: Hiiiiii Dannnnnyyyyy!!!!

Dan: What's crackalackin?

Stacey: lol nuttin really. I made the Cheerleading team though.

Dan: yes! when we all visit you're gonna hook me UP!

Stacey: I wud, but i see that you're interested in someone...who might this someone be?

Dan: can't tell, it's a secret.

Stacey: plzzzzzz

Dan: noooooo sry Stacey. xD

Stacey: -___- fine i'm not talking to you anymore. bye

Dan: sryyyy

Stace: I wud giv u the finger...but I can't so byee xD (I can't stay mad at youu)

Dan: xD l8r

Next I went on Sara's page and everything was the same. She wasn't a big facebook fan. Lacy had changed her profile pic to a picture of her and me skipping down the street.

I liked her profile pic. Last I went on Shane's page. His profile pic was of me and he had written miss you at the bottom of the page.

I commented: miss you 2 <3. I was bored now so I decided to search up some new people. I searched up all my friends and sure enough they all had facebooks. I searched up Kelly's.

Her status was: Hurt myself doing my stunt. Well...perfection does come at a price. Just upset that someone on the team is gonna take my spot...

Everyone commented that no one could replace her blah blah blah. Well I can do a triple and she can't! Whatever. I searched up Drew (the one from school) Facebook and as soon as I saw a pic of him pointing at his bare chest I clicked the back button. Just then my phone vibrated. It was some random number I didn't know.

It read: Hey hey hey

Hiii...who's this?- I replied.

Guess.-Random person.

Ummmm Dan?-I guessed. Dan loved prank texting people.

Is Dan that boyfriend you were talking about today?-Random person.

Who did I tell about my boyfriend today? Nate.

Nope. Is this Nate?-I replied

Oooo you're cheating on your boyfriend with Dan! Bad girl. And yea it's Nate xD-Nate

Lol yeah I'm def cheating on my bf. whatchaa doin?- I said.

While I waited for a response I searched Nate on Facebook. I didn't know his last name but I recognized him in a pic.

On Facebook, do you have 1? And if ur gonna cheat on ur bf cheat on him with me! I'm a nice guy rite??-Nate

Yeah search Stacey and I'm always the first one to pop up. And I just met you!-Me

So?? lol xD so wats up?- Nate

I'm facebook stalking ppl hehehehehe-Me

Ooo!! I do that all the time. We're gonna b lik bffs now right?-Nate


-___- -Nate

Of course we are! But Brunie, Widmaier, Vanny, Sierra, and Angelina might not like that lol jk-Me

Oo I know Angelina. I remember one time she got my number. Idk how. Their all cheerleaders right? But one of them is in track or something?- Nate

Yaa how'd you know that Widmaier wasn't in cheerleading..stalker?-Me

The new kid. Alex I think. Last name is Kruse. He talks to her all the time.-Nate

Oh rlly? Your gonna b the insider ok?-Me

Yayyy I have a job-Nate


Well I gotta go. l8r-Nate


It was only a little past 8. I looked at my computer and I was still on Nate's profile. I scrolled down and saw Seth's profile pic. Even though I really didn't like him, I couldn't stop myself from clicking it.

His pic was of him, it was just his face and his eyes were twinkling so they looked a little watery. And the sun in this picture lit the whole pic up. I could see the little spots of dark brown in his supposed pitch black hair. He was smiling and he an angel.

Wait, WTF. What the hell was I doing calling some other dude that wasn't my boyfriend an angel? Boyfriend, Boyfriend, BOYFRIEND. I had a boyfriend back at home that loves me and would never do anything to hurt me. I was pretty much cheating on him right now.

I sighed. I wondered what he was doing right long would this long-distance thing last? In all the books I've read and all my friends that have attempted didn't last long. Like a month or so. So that meant this whole relationship had...omg was I seriously counting down the days to my relationship?

This was all Seth's fault. It was his fault that I started thinking about this. Damn him. And I had to start tutoring him...tomorrow.

****Yeah...I haven't updated Moving On as much as H4A so here's a chapter xD. Next chapter i'm pretty sure that the tutoring will start. So yeah....VoMmEnT!!! Fan?*****

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