Moving On [6]

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Chapter 6

I bursted through the door and into the living room where my "dad", "mom", and mom were. They all turned towards me and relief washed through their features.

"Honey! There you are!" "Mom" said

"Hi." I looked dead at Katherine, taking her in. I felt a sense of excitement for some reason when I shouldnt have. I might have to move because of this woman! Katherine squirmed uncomfortably under my gaze.

"Your dad is home."

"Hello honey, how've you been?" "Dad said.

I simply rolled my eyes. "Are we gonna talk or what?" I plopped down on the couch prepared for what was to come. They didn't know I knew everything so now I could tell if they were lying.

"Ok well we should start from the beginning of how this all came to be...Katherine if you would.

"Oh, of course."

**FLASHBACK** Told from Katherine's POV

"Please!! I need your help...she can't stay with her father!." I begged.

It was raining...hard. I was at my old friends house looking for a place for 2-year old Stacey to stay while I was...detained.

"Then you shouldn't have gotten your self into this mess!" LeeAnn scolded.

"This isn't my fault and you know it Lee!I was framed by that bastard I called my friend! Please help me! I only have 2 more weeks tolook for a home and you and Derek are the only people I can totally trust."

LeeAnn softened up a little bit. She sighed,"When will you be out?"

"I don't know, the court date is set for 3 more weeks."

"Ok we will take her in...but only because she needs a home and loving,temporary parents."

"THank you so much. When should I *gulp* drop her off?"

The idea of leaving my baby alone for more than 5 seconds scared the crap outta me, let alone for a couple years.

"Wait, before we settle anything, what about Stacey. What do we tell her?"

"Well she won't be with you whenever I'm allowed to regain custody she can move back in with me."

"Katherine...when did our lives get so messed up? We're only in our teens? How am I supposed to care for a baby?!"

"I know you can do it."

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you."

*2 weeks later*

The baby was crying non-stop. I guess she didn't like the idea of being separated anymore than I did.

"Its ok little baby."

I began to sing,

"Now its time to say goodnight.

Goodnight, sleep tight.

Now the Sun turns out his light.

Sleep, tight."

I sang until slowly, Stacey started to fall asleep.

"I'll miss you." I kissed her forehead before handing her over to her new mom.

**End of flashback*


The story made me tear up. I had no idea they were both so young.

Katherine was already crying and so was my "mom". "Dad" was also a little emotional.

I dont know why I was so sad... I already knew this, just not every detail.

"so *sniffle* what does this mean?"

"It means that...i'm your real mom." Katherine said.

I didn't speak as they all looked at me expectantly.

"So, I have to move?"

THey all nodded gravely.

"But--but all my friends are whole life is here in California!"

I was starting to get angry...just like I had when I first saw that letter.

"We can start a new life together in Tex--"

"Please dont tell me your about to say Texas." I shook my head.

"No..No...NO!!" I yelled.

"You can't make me, i'll stay here with my godparents."

"Honey pleas--"

"Don't call me your honey! I don't even know you. You've been out of my life for almost all my life and now you expect me to just jump right back in to yours?" I asked.

Katherine just sat there looking guilty. "I'm sorry but it's not fair to your godparents to let you live here when I said that I would take you back."

"Your mother is right Stacey." LeeAnn said. I shot her a dirty look when she said mother.

"Hell no!"

"Stacey, you know we don't approve of that language. This decision is set in stone. You will be moving in a week. I suggest you say your goodbyes this week because that will be the last time you see California until you come back to visit." Derek said.

I was dumb-founded. He had never raised his voice at me before. I felt myself turning red with anger as I pivoted on my heel and ran upstairs and collapsed on my bed.

Hell no! Hell no! Hell no! I'm not going anywhere!

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