Moving On [21]

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*****Ughhh my last chapter was sorta rushed and I didn't really get in a lot of details so I'll TRY and do that this chapter. Also, with like the science and math stuff, my info might be wrong because im not even in high school yet so just bear with me. Also if you know something then i dont about school stuff as a junior in high school then plz tell me. Comment, Vote, & Fan if you wana! XDXD****

Chapter 21

It was Seth. From the plane ride! Oh my gosh I thought I would never see him again. But maybe if I had applied logic to the situation I would have realized I since he was going to Houston and as far as I know this is the only school here. I didn't just want to walk up to him so I guess I'm gonna let him recognize me first. I sat down in a seat to the far left of the room. Right now I had Chemistery with Ms.Sarela.

This room was huge. It had science posters all overthe walls. There were skeletons, test tubes, models, human bodies, and projects all over. There were 7 tables for I'm guessing labs. I also noticed that there was food everywhere. Did they have a party or something?

I was all alone in this class. I didn't know anyone in this class. I think these two girls were in my French class but whatever.

"She changed the questions? No no no she can't change my questions. They submit two and we submit two." A lady with blonde, almost white hair walked in. She was kind of round but not really. She was wearing a light blue dress.

"Goodmorning class! Kyle, hands off the food." I guess that was Ms.Sarela.

"Today we will be starting biochemistry? Who's excited!"

I was, but I definitely didn't say that out loud! Biochemistry was easy. Science has always been an easy subject for me. Everyone took out a notebook and a pencil. Ready to take notes. I only had two notebooks because I hadn't went back to school shopping yet. I was happy I didn't have to do any introductory type things in this class.

"Oh yes, we have a new student. Stacey James?"

Dammit, I spoke to soon.

I raised my hand to show that that was me.

"Good, you haven't gotten lost yet. Come up here introduce yourself then come to my desk. That's Mrs.Difas over there."

I sighed then walked up front where everyone could see me. Akward much?

"Umm I'm Stacey and I'm 16." I started to walk to Ms.Sarela but Mrs.Difas stopped me.

"Nuh-Uh. More information." Mrs.Difas said.

"Like what?"

"Favorite color."

"My favorite colors are purple and blue."

"Ok, that's all." I fought the urge to roll my eyes and flip her off. I walked over to Ms.Sarela who was currently eating Oreos.

"Hi." I said.

"Oh yes. This is high Chemistry but we know you can handle it. I've seen your past grades with Science and all other classes. You've never dropped below a B in any class."

"Except Math." I corrected.

"Yes, except math. Tomorrow you will have an assigned partner and seat on non-lab days."

"Ok." I responded. This lady looked nice enough.

"Ok, go back to where you are seated for now. Lucky for you we are just starting biochemistry and we are watching a video instead of taking notes."

"Ok Ms.Sarela."

I walked the long walk back to my seat. When I walked past the third row of chairs I heard someone say, "Ughhh, that skirt is soo knock off. I only buy real brands."

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