Moving On [14]

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*******PLZ READ:Hiiiiii!! Well, if you didn't already know, I started another series along with this one called Hoping For Amnesia. I've been thinking about doing this story for awhile, even before Moving On but I started this one first. And i am so sorry i accidentally posted what i had of 15 because i was just writing some of it but i i accidentally published it so lucky you guys that got some sort of sneak peek. Anywayz bak to moving on and speaking of Moving On, here's the 14th chapter! O nd this chapter is prob Gina come out messed up cuz I'm soon it on my iPod sorry. Plz vote, comment, and yea. XDXD********

Chapter 14

"Wake up sleepy butt!" Sara,Lacy, and Danny marched into my room.

"What the hell?" I groaned.

"LeeAnn asked us to helP you finish packing up your stuff, so GET UP!!" Lacy screamed the last part in my ear and making me roll off the bed in surprise.

"And you brought Danny?" I asked.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. I noticed he was already logging onto my laptop.

"Oh, I don't know Danny, maybe because your lazy and invasive?" I said sarcastically.

Sara laughed at our little episode. "Well, what do you plan on bringing?"

"All my clothes, makeup, laptop, my sheets, and yeah pretty much everything you should bring when you're moving away." I was busy unraveling myself from my sheets while Sara paced around the room.

"Ok Lacy you're on clothes and shoes, I'll do make-up, hair stuff, sheets, and accessories, Danny you WILL do books, laptop, and anything else we moved."

"What about me?" I asked.

"You're with Danny." Sara said,"Ok let's go!"

Lacy, Danny, and I exchanged a look. When did Sara get all serious? But, her plan was very effective, we had almost everything packed by 1:00 p.m. When we started at 9z. I thought it would take all day to get everything done but it looked like it wouldn't.

"Guess what I found??"Lacy asked from inside my closet.

"What?" The rest of us turned towards her to see what she found.

"Missing something Stacey?" Lacy said teasingly as she pulled out my blue masquerade dress that I had forgotten. I could feel myself blushing.

"I said sorry." I muttered.

"Sorry for what? What about the dress?"Danny said, so out of the loop.

"Nothing Danny keep packing." He frowned at me and kept taping up his current box.

In another hour we were all done and my once filled room now looked like a factory for boxes.

"Yes, finally!" Danny said, running out the door. Probably to the kitchen.

"He's probably headed for the kitchen." Lacy got up.

"And we have...30 minutes more than planned. Sara go take a shower and be downstairs in half an hour. We have goodbye plans." Sara said.

I was too tired and in need of a calming shower to question her "goodbye plans". So I walked into the shower, stripped, and stepped into my shower. Shower stuff, I'd almost forgotten about this stuff. I took a quick shower and took my shower stuff out of the bathroom with me to pack it.

Luckily I had thought to save some clothes for me to wear since we'd packed everything already. I quickly changed into dark blue skinny jeans, a purple graphic tee that said "I am and always will be better than you", black Vans, and put my hair into a ponytail. When Igot downstairs my friends were busy chatting with LeeAnn about me.

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