Moving On [24]

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Chapter 24


"Yeah, seriously you were great out there. You even caught a couple of the soccer players eyes." Vanny waggled her eyebrows at me.

"Thanks and I have a boyfriend." I laughed.

"Ooooo I wanna see a picture! Is he hot?" Sierra asked.

"Maybe after-school you guys can come over?" I asked them.


We all walked into the changing room and changed.

I folded Brunie's clothes and handed them back to her and she put it in her locker.

"What classes do you have next?" I asked them.

"Music." Vanny said.

"Science." Sierra answered.

"....I don't know...."Brunie said.

I laughed. "I have Algebra. Oh gosh. Later guys."

I straightened my skirt and grabbed my bag and walked out. When I walked out, multiple soccer players were also walking out. They were all really hot. As I was walking I let my hair Ou of it's holder and shook it. Planning to put it back up in a couple seconds.

"Check it out guys. It's shorty-shorts!" A voice I didn't recognize yelled.

I looked back and saw a very, very hot guy staring right at me. He had dark brown hair and really light green eyes that I could see from here. He was grinning at me and so I blushed and kept walking. Vanny was right, I had caught some soccer players attention.

"Hey! Slow down!" I could hear him jogging up to my side.

"Hey. I'm Drew. What's your name?" He winked at me.

He was cute, but obviously the player/pervy kind of guy. Not my type.

"Stacey." I didn't even look at him.

"Well Stacey, how about me and you get together tonight? At my place."

"No thanks." We were now walking up the stairs and were rounding a corner.

He pushed menup against a wall and placed both his hands flat on the wall on both sides of my head. The other soccer players that were passing by were holing and hollering. Ok, this was getting annoying now. I looked up at Drew and rolled my eyes.

"I think I said no." I said.

"Well Drew doesn't take no for an answer." He leant down and kept getting closer and closer to my lips. I smirked and kneed him where it hurt. By his reaction, he wasn't wearing a cup and I had kneed him hard. His arms immediately flew down to his crotch, releasing me.

I smirked as he doubled over. "Ooops, my bad."

"FADE!!!!" A random guy yelled loudly and everyone started laughing at Drew who was now on the floor. I looked up and ended up making eye contact with Seth. His face was serious but his eyes were laughing. I rolled my eyes again then started for Algebra. Dammit! This class was on the fourth floor and I was still in the basement.

"Oh shit!" I said to myself and started walking faster. Soon I was all out sprinting towards my next class. As I passed yet another mocking elevator I heard someone say something.

"Want to hop in?"

I turned around and saw nobody so I started walking again.

"The elevator."

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