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ARCHIE'S CHRISTENING by gailrunschke
A topical poem about the private christening of the newest member of the British royal femily
  • archie
  • duchess
  • jesicamulroney
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Godparents (Camren) by paradisity
Godparents (Camren)by paradisity
The story of what happens when Lauren gets a call saying her goddaughter is in the hospital and that she's not the only godparent.
  • laurenjauregui
  • camren
  • camilacabello
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Narcissa's and Lucius ' daughter by sosoluka
Narcissa's and Lucius ' daughterby Sophie Luna
Imagine living in Malfoy Manor and growing up as a pure blood . Follow the Malfoy family and their daughter.
  • sister
  • pureblood
  • hogwarts
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Bad at Love  by 5SecondsOfJemi
Bad at Love by That fangirl 💕
Follow the tale of two enemies who are both chosen by mutual friends to become to godparents of their newborn baby.
  • jemi
  • doctor
  • intern
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Love and football  by kaepernicks7
Love and football by kaepernicks7
About a single mom who would do anything for her child.
  • godparents
  • daddy
  • kaepernick
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Annabelle's Simple Wish of Friendship by PerkyGoth14
Annabelle's Simple Wish of Friends...by PerkyGoth14
summary: Annabelle Greening goes to Darla and Amber's school and friendship really becomes magic when her belief of fairies includes her new fairy godfather named Murray...
  • movie
  • 1997
  • godfather
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The Fallacy of Love by lovedyoulikeafool
The Fallacy of Loveby LovedYouLikeaFool
'Some of the most beautiful bonds are born out of tragedy..' Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most recognised faces in the history of Formula 1. He is said to be 'world ch...
  • godparents
  • babies
  • family
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Jack Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban by BiancaEvans2
Jack Potter: Prisoner of Azkabanby LegolasG5*
It is time for Jack's third year at Hogwarts. Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban. Hermione now has a cat called Crookshanks. Percy has been made head boy. Jack's secret is...
  • friends
  • dog
  • cat
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The Goonies: The Next Generation by GravityGirl2265
The Goonies: The Next Generationby Sierra King
The Goonies kids are all grown up, they are married with kids of their own, now you will know how they meet, fell in love and got married to their husbands and wives, an...
  • niece
  • twins
  • parents
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Life With My Aunt by Dilipocheemer
Life With My Auntby Emmaline
After the death of her parents, Evelyne Fox goes to live with her aunt. She loves her new life, traveling the world, going to her first year of highschool, making new fr...
  • aunt
  • newyork
  • romance
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Dancing With Dragons by bagelqueens
Dancing With Dragonsby some writer chick
Ivanna Petrova moves from Kaliningrad, Russia to Asheville, North Carolina to live with her godparents after her parents die in an accident in the workplace. She notices...
  • loyalty
  • dancing
  • murder
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instant family  by spitiousgrayson
instant family by N
sometimes things have a weird way of working out * old high school couple, one now a successful paralegal and the other a full time party goer reunite to raise the baby...
  • godfather
  • godparents
  • vanessahudgens
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 daughter of odinn by backwoodsbarbie6791
daughter of odinnby Danielle shifflett
what if your whole life been a lie because your not no mere mortal your a daughter of god but not just a god a Norse god of war odinn and it is time to bring you be marr...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • backwoodsbarbie6791story
  • norsegods
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May-December Love Story | Short Story✔️ by riawritesky
May-December Love Story | Short St...by -A-
This featured is a short love story. This story is all about my both God parents is what we can called "May-December" affair. I knew their story and I wish the...
  • filipino
  • filipinolovestory
  • godparents
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The Godparents | H.S by kyloren-egade
The Godparents | H.Sby erin
When Harry and Savannah were picked to be the godparents of Niall and Elizabeth's son, Grayson, they never thought that they were ever going to have to step in as Gray's...
  • harry
  • fanfiction
  • niallhoran
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~Lonely COMPLETE~ by maddiemoris
~Lonely COMPLETE~by ᗰᗩᗪᗪᎥᗴ
What?" she asks. "I love you," I mutter. "I can't hear you," she says. "I F*CKING LOVE YOU!" I scream. My voice echoes across the vall...
  • bully
  • photography
  • lonley
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agent godfather by StreaksOfFire
agent godfatherby anushka
what happens when you wish upon a star?
  • godfather
  • holidays
  • lgbt
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My Godmom Is Mariah Carey by PoeticParadise
My Godmom Is Mariah Careyby Shan
Your're Mariah Carey's God-Daughter, And your parents are out on vacation for a few months because they haven't gotten along in the past few months. So they send you to...
  • rangerlove
  • godparents
  • rgoky
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Tami's Story  by mxo08o
Tami's Story by Märichkä
  • short
  • goodheart
  • lifechanging
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