Moving On [20]

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Chapter 20

I woke up the beeping of my stupid alarm. I really needed to put a song on there. What time was it? 6:30 a.m. I had a while before school starts. Hmmmm, what should I wear today. I hadnt unpacked my stuff yesterday so I had to go through my suitcases. I dug through it until I finally decided on a purple tank top and one of those skirts that go like below your chest. I'm going to call it a dress skirt. The dress skirt was black and purple and had a kind of silky fabric. I would pair that with black flats and purple studs plus my new friendship braclet and my new ring.

I took a long shower and when I got out of the shower it was 7:00. I quickly put on my outfit and booted up my laptop. Hopefully someone was on this early. I doubted it. I was proved right because when I signed on no one was online. I sent them all an offline message that said: I'm off to my first day of school at Houston High! Wish me luck! XOXO

I signed off and decided to explore the house a little before I head breakfast. Instead of going to the left where the staircase was, I went right and there were 5 more rooms. The room next to mine was another room. Empty though. So a guest bedroom I guessed. The room across from mine was another bathroom. The room all the way down the hall on my side of the hallway had some exercise stuff in it. The room across from that was Kat's room. I peeked in and Kat wasn't in there so I walked in. The walls were a creamy color and the floor was a dark wood. It was nice and big. I noticed she had a queen sized bed but there was only one person sleeping in it...not that I knew of.

I walked around and there were pictures of people I didn't know all around. On her dresser was make-up and hair stuff. She had a walk-in closet that was a little bit bigger than mine. The whole room was nice overall. I walked out to see the next room over and it just led up to the attic.

"Grblergr." That was the sound my stomach made. I needed breakfast ASAP. I walked down the stairs and walked straight into Drew.

"Umm hey Drew." I said.

"Oh hey Stace. What's up?"

"Not much...are you always here this early?"

"Yeah pretty much. My place is boring, plus I carpool with Kat to work."

"Oh. Pretty convenient I see." I walked to he pantry where I'd seen Froot Loops from when I hid there yesterday.

"Heading off to school? You know it's 7:40 right?" Drew decided to ignore my comment.

"Oh crap." I sat down and poured milk into a bowl I'd found and started shoveling food into my mouth.

"Hey, slow down. I'll drive you to school."

"Thanks, well I'm done." I loaded my bowl into the dishwasher and ran upstairs to grab my stuff.

"Already?" Drew asked as I ran upstairs.

"Yep. Im not a breakfast person."

"But breakfasts the most important meal of the day!" Drew fake scolded me when i came back downstairs.

"Ok, you ready?" I asked.

"Goodmorning!" Kat chirped as she walked downstairs in black skinny jeans and a red long sleeve shirt. I wonder what she did for a living.

"Goodmorning!" I replied.

"Off to school? Drew are you taking her because you know that I can."

"No problem. I like taking Stacey places. Well we're off. I'll be back in like 20 minutes, k?" Drew picked up his car keys and swung it around his finger a couple times.

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