Moving On [29]

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Chapter 29

There was no way in hell I was letting him tutor me. I would just ask Widmaier for help. Yeah, she was smart. I walked back to my seat and plopped down.

"Whatd he say?" Widmaier asked.

"Nothing." I said just as the bell rang.

"Oh ok."

"Yeah well tell everyone I said be I have to go. Bye Widmaier."

I hurried tithe parking lit where Drew was waiting for me. He looked distant.

"Hi." I said, getting into the passenger seat.

"Ready for your surprise?" Drew asked sarcastically.

"Whatever man."

We drove all the way home and Kat was already there. What a surprise. We walked into the house and nobody was there.

"What kind of surpri--" I began.

"Stacey!" Kat hurriedly came down the stairs.


"There's someone I would like you to meet in the living room."


I walked into the living room and saw some guy sitting on the sofa. He heard me come in and turned around. This guy looked to be Kat's age. He wasn't bad plopping. He had brown hair and brown eyes. Kinda plain if you asked me. Anyways, who was this guy?

"Hi." I waved.

"Hi, you must be Stacey. I'm Katherine's boyfriend. Ian."

Excuse me?


"Yeah, we met a week ago."

"Oh ok. I'll be in the kitchen."

I walked out of the living room and where Drew and Kat were. What the fuck? Boyfriend? Oh shit. Drew.

Drew looked up when I walked in. He had a fake smile plastered on his face because Kat was talking about how perfect Ian was.

"Hey." I said.

"Did you meet him? Isnt he wonderful?" Kat asked.

"Well, I don't really know him."

"Oh, we'll take care of that. Be right back." She walked out of the kitchen. Drew's smile immediately was off his face and again he looked distant.

"So." I said.

"So." Drew said.

"She's dating him?" I asked.


"Sorry Drew. You're way better than him. He's so....plain."

"But Kat likes him, and that's all that matters. Kat."

"So you're not gonna go after her?"

"She's happy with him."

Drew sounded like a robot. Emotionless. I felt bad.

"Well, let's just try and get through tonight. Smiles ready?" I asked.


We both put on fake smiles before walking into the living room.

1 Hour Later....

"And he said, Chicken butt!" Ian tried to joke.

"Hahahahahah."I forced myself to laugh. Ian was soo boring. How could Kat like this dude I mean seriously.

"Well, thanks for having me over guys but I have to go. Bye Kat." He got up and kissed Kat on the cheek then left. Kat left to go walk him out then she left to go to sleep.

"Wow." I said.

"I know." Drew yawned.

"That was torture." I stood up.

"Well I have to go. I'm tired. I'm off, bye Stacey. Bye Kat!" Drew yelled so Kat could hear.

I walked upstairs. I still had science homework. Luckily it was easy so I finished in about 30 minutes. After hat I washed off all my makeup and fell asleep.

The Next Morning....

I woke up to the annoying beeping of my stupid alarm. I got up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and opened up my closet. I decided to wear a purple dress skirt with a white tank top underneath. On the chest of the tank it says My face is up there ^^. I paired that with high top black covered and black sweater. I put on some eyeliner, grabbed my stuff, and went downstairs.

"Hey Dr--"

I looked up to see Ian eating an apple. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hi. Do you know where Drew is?" I asked, grabbing an apple.

"He isn't here."

What? Drew not here?

"He's coming a little late and Kat wasn't sure if he would be able to drop you off at shoo so she asked me to. Is that ok dear?"

I wanted to say, "Don't call me dear you dip shit." But instead I said, "That's fine."

He nodded at me and walked to the living room. I texted Drew.

Where are you?-I texted.

I couldn't make it today. Sorry, I'll pick you up from school though. xD-Drew responded.

Ughhh that's not fair- I text whined.

How bout ice cream afterschool? You can invite you're friends.-Drew

Yayyyy ICE CREAM l8r Drew!!-I texted.

Lol, bye-Drew

I flipped my phone close and walked into the living room.

"Ok, let's go." I said to Ian.

"Alrighty." Ian grabbed his keys and we walked outside.

The ride to school was awkwardly silent but thankfully he decided to turn on the radio. Thank god. Maybe something good is on. He turned his radio on and a country song came on. I would be ok with this if the guy singing didn't sound like a hillbilly.

"Alllll Dayyyyyyy Longggg Just Singingggg Thissss Songggg...." Hillbilly said.

This was going to be a long ride.


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