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Another Time <Frans> by Battle_Penguin54
Another Time by Shea_Butter
As Frisk is lead through the underground, where she meets a skeleton, who stops her journey drastically, to be with him and only him. Meanwhile, while Chara plots to ge...
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  • sansxfrisk
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Fairy Tail Truth or Dare [COMPLETED] by PB_Boss
Fairy Tail Truth or Dare [ ur mom
⊱ - {⋅. ✯ COMPLETED ✯ .⋅} - ⊰ It's a Fairy Tail truth or dare book! Readers of this book can comment for a particular Fairy Tail character to do either a truth or dare...
  • lucyheartfillia
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  • erzascarlet
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Am I In the Bone-Zone? (Papyrus X reader) by Im_Gone_Dude
Am I In the Bone-Zone? (Papyrus Ashley Boio
Well... Obviously this is a Papyrus X reader.... So yeah. Interesting stuff might happen. Your human... And I may update frequently, but then at times I wont... So yeah...
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Sans au x reader oneshots  by SamanthaTheFab
Sans au x reader oneshots by Gangster_Whale
Enjoy these wonderful oneshots of sans and his au's. You can request some if you like that would help me with ideas. Also no lemons. I feel uncomfortable righting lemons...
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Baby steps by Philippa_Hamilton_
Baby stepsby Heather
I wanted to write a story for once where Gaster is good
  • sans
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The Boy at School (A Papyton Highschool AU) by Hayleyotp
The Boy at School (A Papyton Peter Pan
Mettaton is the most popular boy at his Highschool. Almost any girl would dream of going out with him, but Mettaton only has eyes for one student. Papyrus. Papyrus is j...
  • alterniteuniverse
  • papyton
  • thegreatpapyrus
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You aren't even REDDIE for this(I am so sorry this is your first impression of this book). This is just a bunch of cringe/cute oneshots, run while ya still can.
  • firstfanfic
  • trashmouth
  • 2017
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Mirrored happiness by CreepyFuzzyMelon
Mirrored happinessby KyonEndel
When the mind tries to fix a problem, it may not come out as expected. Who new a short skeleton could change so much from being "fixed". (I own nothing except...
  • sans
  • frisk
  • depression
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By the Canal by JeLisLesLivres
By the Canalby j3
Ludovico Romano is an old man living in a busy and beautiful city. Even with it all he still views the world in an uncanny perspective, keeping his old ways and traditio...
  • negativity
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  • angst
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"So you have no shame in liking the most hated kind of pizza in the world?" He says raising an eyebrow at me "Not one bit" I smile "What's you...
  • dogdays
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But You're Beautiful to me (Frerard) by IsyeArmstrong
But You're Beautiful to me ( Sweet Damn
Gerard Way meets a new guy in his school, and tries to guide him for the first few days. Of course, it all spirals downhill (and uphill!) from there.
  • lel
  • care
  • love
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Ask Papyrus by CoolSkeleton_95
Hi there! Feel free to ask anything you'd like! I, The Great Papyrus, will try my very hardest to answer every question I receive! Or... At least attempt to... A...
  • mettaton
  • asgore
  • frisk
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The Best of Wattpad by StopSmileRepeat
The Best of Wattpadby Allie
So, this is a story about stories on Wattpad. .... Did you get that? I will basically be telling my readers what I think are the best stories on Wattpad. I have read a s...
  • bestfriend
  • science
  • owl
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DHMIS art, one-shots, etc. by Bubble_Jellyfish
DHMIS art, one-shots, ..Princess..
Eh, like I said in my just One-shot book Im in a DHMIS mood! So this is my stuff I stuff my dhmis stuff and yea... ENJOY PEOple!
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  • danny
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•I want to trust you• {TodoDeku} by -BROCCOLI_BOY-
•I want to trust you• {TodoDeku}by -Izuku-Midoriya-
sʜᴏᴛᴏ ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ is a ruthless mafia leader and a successful businessman. He is cold-hearted and serious beyond all demand. He struggles with the burden his father lied up...
  • izuku
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  • deku
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Undertale oneshots (au's included) by ireanwolf
Undertale oneshots (au's included)by ireanwolf
I take requests and they don't have to be an x reader, they can be ships too! So welcome to my little (speck that I call a world) corner! ~No pictures in this belong to...
  • xreader
  • asgore
  • papyrus
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The Blue Hearted Hero (bmha x undertail fanfic) by crimson518
The Blue Hearted Hero (bmha x Daniel Roberts
" why dont you just take a swan dive off a building and hope that in your next life you get a quirk " was the greatest advice given to the quirkless boy izuku...
  • dekuxfemtodoroki
  • sans
  • undertail
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Undertale One-Shots by trashy_Fandom
Undertale One-Shotsby fujo-san
Uh.... Author-chan here ♡ You're gonna read my Undertale One-Shots! Filled with lemons, fluff, um.....angst...? Is that a thing? I don't actually know all the genres... ...
  • spaghetti
  • papyrus
  • undertale
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Organs, but with Pasta by JeLisLesLivres
Organs, but with Pastaby j3
"Organs but with pasta?" "Organs, but with pasta." We laughed it off. I still could not wrap my head around the fact that we are both different and...
  • lasagna
  • tomato
  • verona
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Lost in the Woods by PB_Boss
Lost in the Woodsby ur mom
⊱ - {⋅. ✯ COMPLETED ✯ .⋅} - ⊰ One day, you decide to go into the woods alone. That was stupid, very stupid, as you're now lost! THIS IS A SHORT, GENERIC, HUMOROUS CHOOSE...
  • humour
  • story
  • short
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