daddy dolan | grayson dolan by _dolansbaes_
daddy dolan | grayson dolanby s a t a n
Read the story of Amanda Garner and Grayson Dolan. A couple that has a big secret. The one kind that can't break them apart this time. Or can it? Read to find out.
  • angel
  • mistake
  • baby
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A legendary commander: Percy Jackson/ marvels  by romance0906
A legendary commander: Percy romance0906
Over the years they have talked endlessly about a legend among the chaos plant and among the universe as well. He became known as the prince of the chaos plant, hair to...
  • chaos
  • marvel
  • annabeth
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Harry Potters Twin by Kingdom001
Harry Potters Twinby Daisy Camp
Percy Jackson and Harry potter have a secret. Each other. When they were eight, Harry and Percy potter were separated. The twins were attacked while in an orphanage...
  • harrypotter
  • jiper
  • boo
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The field trip (jimin x reader) by Shireblossom72
The field trip (jimin x reader)by Shire blossom 72
"What am I gonna do its a three Week field trip", "I honestly don't see what your so upset about. I mean don't you get to pick who your gonna stay with...
  • change
  • saddness
  • parkjimin
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THE NEW BADASS💜 by Faithxbooks
THE NEW BADASS💜by Faithxbooks
Highest rank #150 out of 999 Highest rank in suprise #3 "I regret it, everything i fucking did " Well guess what KARMAS a bitch Read on to find out. ☺ Copyrigh...
  • depression
  • romance
  • love
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app papa banae wali hai❤ by nishuayyar
app papa banae wali hai❤by nishuayyar
Short story on avneil reactions when they get to know that they are pregnant......... peep in to know more... like and comment for more updates❤
  • neilkhanna
  • love
  • suprise
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Mr. Mystery by bestdeveloper97
Mr. Mysteryby Angel
Ridhimaa returns home after two years, completing her postgraduate. She decided to enjoy her vacation with her family. One day she goes to market with her mother, where...
  • hurt
  • fear
  • usa
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The Battle by WritingSky877
The Battleby WritingSky877
Emmy is a hip hop street dancer,Alex is a ballet pro. When they cross paths they collect a special bond. Emmy's family want to send Emmy to a ballet school.Emmy doesn't...
  • dance
  • friendship
  • suprise
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A Bump in the Road (Completed) by readerwriter97
A Bump in the Road (Completed)by zoe
Book 1 When Christy Lewis meets Oliver Manning, she thinks he is the one; the one she will marry, the one she'll have children with, the one who she'll grow old with. Ho...
  • love
  • betrayal
  • party
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Missing **in-progress* by brooketremblayy
Missing **in-progress*by TREMBLAY
17 year old Samantha Grace has never been to a party. When she's finally invited to one, her parents tell her she can't go. So naturally, her teenage instinct is to snea...
  • holyshit
  • lies
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Me and My Husband by kittylober0222
Me and My Husbandby Shane Capitly
Meron akong asawa at mahal na mahal ko siya... hindi siya mawala sa isip ko kahit anong mangyari yung tipong kahit pagligo niya naiisip ko nadin >. < yung tipong k...
  • coldness
  • childish
  • betrayal
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The Birthday || Editing by Redryne
The Birthday || Editingby parkshot?
Wills friends know Will has never celebrated his birthday and so organises a large party just for him. But everything goes wrong. Typical. *REWRITNG*
  • rewriting
  • evanlyn
  • friends
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Iida reacts to ships! by Tenya_IidaZoomZoom
Iida reacts to ships!by ✭T. Iida✭
Wℋατ dσ ɪ thίηκ?
  • fandoms
  • tenya
  • emotions
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Secretly Married by mayward_katniell
Secretly Marriedby mayward_katniell
hi guys so this is my first story.pls support sana maintindihan nto po ako na munsan di ako nag uupdate so this a bout mayward
  • maymay
  • barber
  • marvore
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The Good Girl and The Bad Boy by layah_j
The Good Girl and The Bad Boyby Aalayah
This is the second book the good bad and the bad girl. Wen has come back after six years! what will happen
  • goodgirl
  • suprise
  • love
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NAMES FOR CHARACTERS by PeonyEverlasting
NAMES FOR CHARACTERSby lonely person
The first step to creating a great novel is making a unique character, and the first step to that is picking a name! Enjoy :)
  • names
  • writer
  • list
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juramento | neymar jr by hiloveuu
juramento | neymar jrby pati
"Wszyscy wiedzą jak wychowywać dzieci - poza ludźmi, którzy faktycznie je mają." - P. J. O'Rourke njr 2016 / © hiloveuu
  • suprise
  • messi
  • girl
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You Again by NotMyNameHere
You Againby NotMyNameHere
3 years ago they met at a party. What will happen now when they meet again. Secrets will be revealed Questions will be asked How will Donny take the news If you liked Da...
  • suprise
  • completed
  • long-lost-love
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joker's daughter ~joker and harley fanfic by WildChild289
joker's daughter ~joker and Bradley’s Bae 🤪
The walls came crashing down from an explosion harley ducked. Then someone opened the cell Harley looked up. "Puddin!" she said and ran over to him. "let'...
  • villains
  • prison
  • boywonder
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Mommy,Where Is Daddy?{Shakira and Neymar(milan)Fanfiction} by shakjr
Mommy,Where Is Daddy?{Shakira shaki.njr10
"Mommy,where is Daddy?" He asked me. "Why do everyone have a father exept me?" He continued I couldn't tell him but I kinda had too. But how how cou...
  • sheymar
  • teens
  • dad
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