app papa banae wali hai❤ by nishuayyar
app papa banae wali hai❤by nisha ayyar
Short story on avneil reactions when they get to know that they are pregnant......... peep in to know more... like and comment for more updates❤
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Daddy Dolan g.d by _dolansbaes_
Daddy Dolan g.dby s a t a n
A secret that she was keeping from him for four years. Now that secret is revealed and everything is different...What will happen next?Will it change anything? EDITING T...
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Mr. Mystery by bestdeveloper97
Mr. Mysteryby Angel
Ridhimaa returns home after two years, completing her postgraduate. She decided to enjoy her vacation with her family. One day she goes to market with her mother, where...
  • indian
  • fear
  • trust
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Pain.. by Sasqiabesson
#4 Sasqiabesson what she feels. Happiness is what she needs and her special guy make sure shes happy
  • zachherron
  • pain
  • danielseavey
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Ask Or Dare Iida Tenya! by Tenya_IidaZoomZoom
Ask Or Dare Iida Tenya!by Iida
ί'ℓℓ rεgrεt thίs...
  • ships
  • truth
  • mha
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Iida reacts to ships! by Tenya_IidaZoomZoom
Iida reacts to ships!by Iida
Wℋατ dσ ɪ thίηκ?
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What if?- A Mockingjay Story  by thedivergentvictor
What if?- A Mockingjay Story by Em The Bookworm!
What if.....? Katniss has finally returned to District 12 both haunted and shattered by the past knowing the peace gained does not supply her with security and happiness...
  • dandelion
  • fanfiction
  • keeta
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A legendary commander: Percy Jackson/ marvels  by romance0906
A legendary commander: Percy romance0906
Over the years they have talked endlessly about a legend among the chaos plant and among the universe as well. He became known as the prince of the chaos plant, hair to...
  • valdez
  • sonofchaos
  • chaos
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Escape from Reality by Supernova160804
Escape from Realityby Nova
Everything you're afraid to write, write about that!
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NAMES FOR CHARACTERS by PeonyEverlasting
NAMES FOR CHARACTERSby lonely person
The first step to creating a great novel is making a unique character, and the first step to that is picking a name! Enjoy :)
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The  Mysterious   Fighter by AngelinaParker-n
The Mysterious Fighterby Angelina Parker
Hailey Thompson is adopted by Laura Anderson. When Hailey was just five years old she saw her home in a fire and her parents being shot, her big brother Eric managed to...
  • love
  • fun
  • mystery
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The Vampire Villan by ShadowtheDark888
The Vampire Villanby Shadow
I have a question for you that people always ask as a dumb get to know you question. If you could have a superpower what would it be? Well you see in my world you don't...
  • scared
  • hiding
  • secrets
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Catrinas Fate (Completed) by DW_Slayer_
Catrinas Fate (Completed)by DW_Slayer_
!COMPLETED! (RE-RE-EDITING) It takes a step forward, I take a step back. The game continues on and as it does, a thought keeps bypassing me; if this creature attacks and...
  • power
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My One And Only (EDITING) by Bailey_Dolan16
My One And Only (EDITING)by Kamryn Jones
Paige Church is the most unpopular girl in school. She only has 1 friend that is liked by everyone but is not popular. Paige is still hurt over what had happened freshma...
  • hate
  • love
  • death
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Ms. Tilly by MissyKZV
Ms. Tillyby Mary May
Ms. Tilly, a thirty-five year old woman, experiences adventures with the four of her family members, and with her friends that live in her neighborhood. In a firsthand p...
  • divorce
  • neighborhood
  • firstperson
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Beta's Little Strawberry by XXrogueXlucyXX
Beta's Little Strawberryby A.L. Rogue
Before Isabella was here there was Kadan and Alana. Alana; Sweet, shy, misunderstood, otaku, she-wolf Kadan; Jock, band lover, friendly, outgoing, future beta What woul...
  • love
  • demons
  • beta
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Heart Broken by Supernova160804
Heart Brokenby Nova
It's like once you've been hurt, you're so scared to get attached again. Like you have this fear that every person you start to like is going to break your heart. When y...
  • relationships
  • friendship
  • youngadult
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mayward by mayward_katniell
maywardby mayward_katniell
hi guys so this is my first story.pls support sana maintindihan nto po ako na munsan di ako nag uupdate so this a bout mayward
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Girl's only sleepover, with the boys aka my brother and friends by thatgal96
Girl's only sleepover, with the Experimental Writer
Nichol has this fun weekend planned to have a sleepover with some of her girlfriends, while her parents are out of town. What she realizes too late is that her brother i...
  • suprise
  • friends
  • unexpected
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The Real Him (Underfell Sans X Reader FanFic) by LilDrawerSam
The Real Him (Underfell Sans X Sam-OverDaTopFangirl
You hated yourself, you didn't have anyone...what was there to lose? You fell into Mt.Ebot to die, but found something else. Demons, at least that's what they call thems...
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