Moving On [9]

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Chapter 9 

"So what the hell was that at lunch today Stace?" Sara asked me as we were walking to Lacy's house to plan my birthday/goodbye party. 

"Guys can you please tell her?I'm really tired right now." I asked Lacy and Danny. 

Danny nodded. "Well basically, she has to move to who knows where on like Monday I think she said which is also her birthday and so her dad is throwing her a huge party on Saturday." 

"Wow." was all Sara said. 

"Yeah." I said just as we got to Lacy's house.  

"Ok so...any ideas for the party?" Danny said,obviously trying to lighten the mood. 

"Nope."Sara said. 

So,for the next two hours we pitched ideas about my party. No idea was ever good enough. 

"How about a masquerade kinda thing?" Lacy said. 

"Yeah that could be really fun!" Sara put in. 

"I don't know guys, how am I supposed to hit on girls if I don't know who they are?" Danny asked, looking completely serious. We all would have believed him if he didn't burst out in laughter. 

"You--guys--actually--bought that?!" Danny said between fits of laughter. 

Pretty soon we were all rolling on the floor laughing, unable to stop for a full 10 minutes. When we could actually breath, I said "I'm going to miss you guys soooo much."  

"We'll miss you too!" They all said as they all gathered me into a bear hug. 

"Hey guys?" I said. 

"Yeah?" They said. 

"I can't breathe." I said giggling. 

"Oopsies." Lacy and Sara said,letting go. Danny however didn't let go. 

"Pfft! I'm not letting go mann, this may be my last chance to pretend your my girlfriend so i'm not letting go until you have to go." Danny said. I laughed,but let it go. 

"Ok so back to the party..." Lacy said. Something flashed through her eyes but left as quickly as it had came. Probably jealousy. Sara and I really need to hook them up alreay.  

Apparently Sara thought so to because she looked at me and gave me a sneaky grin. Danny,being the stupid boy he was, obviously didnt notice. 

"Ok I really lik the idea of masquerade, but I want to know who these people under their masks, so how about we have a time during the party where everyone has to take off their masks and stuff?" I asked. 

" Yep, thats cool. Stace you should leave now, Lacy, Dan, and I have some more planning to do that you can't be a part of." Sara said. 

"Umm ok, but should I tell them about the pla--" I began. 

"Dont worry Stacey, we'll tell them about the plans, everything will be a surpise until Saturday." Lacy said. 

"Ok then,seeya at school tomorrow." I said while gathering my stuff. Only then did I remember Danny's arm around me. 

"Umm Danny?" I said. 

"Huh?" He said. 

"Your arm..." 

"What about it?" 

I rolled my eyes and unwrapped myself from his arm. He faked being sad for a second then grinned. 

"Bye guys!" I said while walking out. 

I walked outside feeling way better than I have for the past couple days. I wonder what I'm going to wear to my party? I thought. 

Luckily, Lacy's house was 2 streets away from my house, so I didn't have to walk long. What are they planning that I couldn't be a part of? I asked myself. Whatever, my party is now in their hand. I thought aloud as I walked into my kitchen. 

"Hello." LeeAnn greeted me. 

"Hi." I said while dropping my stuff by my shoes. 

" Hello Stacey." Derek said,while sittind down at the kitchen island. 

"Hi." Thats all I planned on saying to them as I sat down and made myself a bowl of froot loops. 

"So about this party, do you have any ideas?" Derek asked me. 

I sighed to myself, I guess I would have to talk to him sooner or later. 

"Sara, Lacy, and Dan said they would talk to you about the party and help you plan it." I mumbled. 

"Oh, ok then." He said while flipping open his newspaper. 

I finished my bowl, then went upstairs to do my homework. I was almost finished when LeeAnn came into my room. 

"Yeah?" I asked her, not looking up from the equations on my homework. 

"When do you plan on packing? Your moving to Houston on Monday." She said softly. 

" I'll start packing after my party then."  

"Isnt that on Saturday?" 

"Yeah." I said getting slightly irritated and finally looking up from my homework. She looked nothing like me, she was a dirty blonden with piercing green eyes. I dont know how I didnt figure out that I was adopted sooner.  

"Well, I suppose its ok, seeing how you tend to work faster than others."  

"Is that all?" I asked. I can't believe I was moving to Houston.  

"I suppose." She said while walking towards the door. 


"What!?" I yelled. 

"We're sorry." She whispered before walking out. 

I instantly felt bad for yelling at her. 

I logged onto my laptop and went on MSN. Unfortuantely, none of my friends were on right now. So, I sent them each a message that said: I'm moving to houston 

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