Moving On [10]

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Chapter 10

Beep! Beep! Beep!


I got out of bed and walked into my bathroom. I took a quick shower and started looking for an outfit to wear. Skinnies,t-shirts,tanks,dresses,swimmsuits..... I finally decided on a gray tank top that went under one of those special skirts. I straightened my hair so it fell a little past my shoulders. I applied mascara and eyeliner. I put on my gray flats. I then walked over ot my calendar. Ever since I knew I had to move on Monday, i'd been counting down the days until then. Today was friday which meant tomorrow was my big party and only 3 days until I had to leave everything i've ever known. Sara, Lacy, Dan, Shane....Shane!

I was supposed to talk to Shane last night. I had totally forgotten to. I hope he isn't mad. I sent him a quick text that said that we would talk when I got to school.

Speaking of started in 15 minutes!

I quickly threw together all my stuff and put into my bag, grabbed an apple, and was out the door. The walk to school was calming for some reason. When I got to school I saw my friends in the same spot that we've been standing at for the past 2 years.

Shane spotted me walking towards them and grinned. Damn he was hot!

"Hey guys!" I greeeted them.

"Hey." they all said.

Shane gestured toward the door and I nodded.

"Well I have to talk to Shane but i'll see you guys later."

Shane and I started towards the door and didn't talk until we got inside.

"Hey Stacey." Shane said, quickly pecking me on the lips.

"Hey." I blushed. We've been dating for about 2 months now and I still get a little embarrased when Shane kisses me.

"So, your moving?" Shane asked.





"Something about a school."

"Thats great! You got into a relaly good school then?" Shane asked looking at me with his gorgeous eyes.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, what about us?"

"I don't know, i've been thinking about it for a little bit."

"I guess we could always do long-distance...but only if you want." He quickly added.

I smiled and pulled him closer to me. "Of course, I always want to be with you."

"Good cause I do too." He said pulling me in closer for a kiss. I dont know how long we stood there just kissing, but the bell soon rang.

"Oh, well we should get to class." Shane said, cutting off the kiss. I pouted, then put my hand in his and started walking.

"Well see you later." I said as we got to the hallway where we had to split.

"Later.' He gave me a quick hug then speed-walked to class.

I sighed, watching him gothen turned to walk to my class. The warning bell rang and I started to jog.

I got inside the class just as the bell rang. Dan and Lacy smirked at me.

"Asseyez-vous Stacey." My teacher, obviously french said to me.

I blushed then walked to my seat and sat down.

"So what were you doing with Shane that took you so long?" Dan teasingly asked me.

"Talking," I said then opened up my math book. I hated math and it didn't help that I sucked at it either.


"So whats happening with my party?" I asked curiously.

"Oh we already talked to Derek about it, he agreed to everything. Your party is going to be awesome and Lacy and Sara are going to take you shopping afterschool for alll that girly stuff you're going to need.

"Cool." I said.

Every other period went by fast but the last one that day. I was stuck in gym playing god-knows-what today but all I really wanted to do was go shopping. The bell is supposed to ring in only 30 minutes.  The only pro of this class is that Sara was in it.

"Hey sara." I said.

"Hey, did Dan telll you we're going shopping?"

"Yep." I can't wait.

So for the rest of the period we talked and dodged balls. You guessed it, dodgeball. Then, it was time to go shower and change. Briinngggg! Finnaly1  The bell rang and me and Sara made our way to the parking lot where Lacywas waiting with Dan.

Me and Sara smirked at each other, thiking of what might have went down when we were gone. Suprisingly, they weren't fighting but talking like two, normal friends.

"Heyy." Sara said for both of us.

"Hey, ready to go shopping?" Lacy asked.

"Yep, dan you're coming?" Sara asked.

"Yes, considering I'm the only one with a car and I need to get a costume too." He said.


"Lets get this party started!!I yelled.

"Shotgun!!" Sara yelled.

I rolled my eyes. THis was gonna be soo fun...

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