Moving On [51]

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Chapter 51

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

Even though yesterday was awful, I was so excited. My friends were coming today! But first I had to go to play rehearsal.

I took a quick shower and washed my hair again because of all the soap that was in it. I decided to wear blue skinny jeans and a purple tank top with my purple sweater. I put my hair into a messy bun and put on a little eyeliner. I put on my black converse and grabbed all my stuff to go downstairs.

When I got downstairs, Drew was in the kitchen getting something to eat.

"Goodmorning." I said.

"Goodmorning. Aren't your friends coming today?"

"Yep." I smiled happily.

"Well then, good for you. Do you want a ride to the school?"

"Nope, i'll walk." I said.


"So I'll probably see you later." I said after I finished packing my lunch.


I was already half way down the street when I remembered Seth's sweater. I had left it at home. I'll just give it back tomorrow.

As i was walking, my mind started to wander. Thinking about Seth. I half expected him to come pick me up, but half of me didn't. That kiss last night, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Not even with Shane. But that didn't mean anything.

We weren't meant to be. Shane and I were meant to be. I walked through the schools parking lot.

Seth hadn't picked me up.

-;-Seth's POV-;-

I took a different route to the school today, I didn't want to see Stacey. And to think we had been becoming friends. I had screwed up, but she hadn't made any effort to stop me. She had enjoyed it just as much as I did.

I parked at the school and walked inside.

"Alright children, I know it's spring break, but there is no break from practice." Mr.Jay said and his response was a series of groans.

"Alright, let's run You Can't Stop the Beat. With the kiss. Hurry up!" He yelled.

The kiss?

"Mr.Jay I--" I started but he just shooed me away.

I forgot about that, I have to kiss Stacey, in the show. Great. Just awesome.

I got up onstage and got into my place, waiting for the music to start. I glanced at Stacey and she looked worried. She didn't have to worry, I would make this as painless as possible.

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

When the music started I sang as best I could, what with all the thoughts running through my head.

Seth had pretty much acted as if I hadn't existed, which meant he was pissed. But what was I supposed to do? And now I had to kiss him, probably multiple times today.

And the worst part is, I had to pretend I didn't enjoy every second of it.

Finally, it was time for the kiss. Seth hesitated then pecked me on the lips. It was a two second kiss.

"Stop stop! What the hell was that?" Mr.Jay yelled at us.

"A kiss." Seth said.

"It has to be longer, and make it look passionate."

I blushed slightly. Seth looked at me, frowned slightly, then nodded at Mr.Jay.

Soon it was time for the kiss and Seth didn't make any move. I rolled my eyes. He needed to suck it up, this was about the play not us.

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