Moving On

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***Here is the first chapter to my new story!! Plzz tell me wat u thnk nd vote,fan,comment,criticize and smile!!*** If your wondering wat song i use at the beginning, its Lez be friends by The Midnight Beast.


I heard her, but I just chose not to listen.

5 minutes later I hear her run up the stairs and throw oopen my door. I pretend i'm still sleeping. She comes over and pushes me out of my bed.

"Get up, school starts in 30 minutes Stacey!" she yells in my ear.

"Ok, Ok I'm up...Becca."I smirk.

"It's mom to you." She says while walking out.

I just roll my eyes.

"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it." I sing to myself.

I guess you want to know what's going on. My name is Stacey Graham and i'm 15 years old turning 16 in one week!!

I hurry up and take a shower. Hmmmm, what should I wear. I finally decide on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a purple tank top with some black converses. I brush my hair, put into a messy bun and put some makeup on. Me bing my naturally clumsy self, trip down the stairs on my way to the kitchen.

"Hey mom, whats for breakf--"

When I walk into the kitchen, I walk into a mini version of the IHOP. Theres bacon, pancakes,sausages,waffles,french toast. Anything a hungry girl culd ever want for breakfast. mom doesn't cook breakfast like this. I always just have Froot Loops and go to school. Somethings up.

"Oh goodmorning sweety." She comes by and kisses my cheek,"I have to go to work now I'll see you later at dinner."

"Wait, whats up with the breakfast?"

Her face went from blank, to worried, then back to normal in 2 seconds flat.

"A mom can't cook a nice breakfast for her family once in a while?" she asked innocently.

"What do you mean once in a while? You never do this."

"Well I already did it, are you complainig."

"Oh heck no!" I scanned the display, decidning what I should eat first.

"Bye darling, save some for your go-- father."

What was she going to say? I thought. I didn't think about it much though.

I had almost everything that was on the table, leaving only a couple pancakes for my dad.

"Goodmorning Stacey."

"Hey dad. I left you some pancakes. Gotta go byee."

I power walked because school started in 10 minutes, Oakwood High School was only 5 minutes away by walking so I wasn't worried. While I was gathering my things, by my mom's laptop I saw the name STACEY printed neatly on a letter. I shouldn't snoop...but I will anyway.

I walked over to where the letters were and read the first couple sentences before my jaw dropped. No,No,NO!! This couldn't be happening... It couldn't be true....They wouldn't do this to me. I tried not to think about it as I walked out of the house. I couldn't even look at my father, it was too hard. They wouldn't keep something like this from me...I guess i'll just have to find out tonite.


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