Moving On [44]

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****Just a heads up, I'm skipping pretty much all of the school day.*****

Chapter 44

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

Today was the last day of auditions so I needed to make a good impression. I decided to wear something flowy today. I had a short little sun dress that came up to mid thigh. It was all white except for the yellow belt in the middle. I decided to wear that with light blue shorts underneath and with my yellow converse. I put on a little eyeliner and had my hair in a ponytail but left my bang out.

I was excited for the dance today. Minus the awkwardness with Nate. I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs.

Ready for scool?-Seth texted me.

Yeah where are you?-I asked.

On your street.-He said.

1 minute.-I said.

"Bye Kat! Bye Drew!" I yelled up the stairs.

They better not be doing anything in her room up there...I chuckled at the thought of that. I grabbed two poptarts and walked outside. I could see Seth leaning against the Stop sign.

"Hey." He said.

"Hey. Poptart?" I offered and he took it.

We walked to school and we got there right on time. We said our goodbyes and walked to our classes.


I sat down at lunch and started eating. Brunie was telling a funny joke and I almost choked on my spaghetti.

All of a sudden phones were beeping with new text messages. Mine included.

The whole lunchroom went silent as we read it. What I saw made me want to puke. It was a picture of Kelly and Seth kissing and they looked...into it to say the least. I deleted the message and kept eating.

Kelly walked up to my table.

"I take it you saw the picture?" She smirked.

"I think everyone did." I said getting up wit my tray.

"Hmmm, interesting. Seth was just dying for me to send it to everyone.

"Oh really? That's great for him. What do you want?" I said, getting irritated.

"Just wanted to tell you to stay the hell away from Seth. He's mine. Skank." She said.

She turned around, "Oh and--" She pushed the tray which was supposed to get on my white dress. I had fast reflexes so I anticipated it and backed up.

"Nice try." I said getting down to pick up my tray and walking away.

I stopped. "Oh and--" I got my plate and flung it at her shirt. Unlike me, she didn't have fast reflexes. I heard some people snicker.

"You little bitch! Do you know how much this cost?" She screamed.

I rolled my eyes and walked away. I grabbed my stuff and left the lunchroom. I looked up and made eye contact with Seth. I rolled my eyes at him and walked out of the lunchroom.

I got to the gym super early.

"Stacey, what are you doing here?" Ms.Morgan asked.

"I wasn't hungry." I said.

"Oh, mind doing me a favor?"


"Set up 5 mats outside on the grass?" She asked.


I changed into my gym clothes and started on the first mat. These things were heavy. I finally got the first one out.

"Need help?" I turned around and there was Nate.

"Whatever." I said.

He pulled 2 mats out in one go. Show off. When we had finished pulling out the mats he tried to talk to me.

"Listen Stac--"

"Just stop." I said.

He sighed and walked towards the soccer field.

When the other cheerleaders got here, we started practice.

"Today, we're going to do some tumbling." Ms.Morgan said.

Tumbling was my least favorite part of Cheerleading. It was stupid. I was tumbling when I felt a slight push. I landed on my back and Kelly was standing over me.

"Oops, did I do that?" She walked away but I grabbed her foot and she fell on her face. I wiped my hands on my shorts and walked away.

After practice I changed and was the first one out the door. I was walking away when I heard someone yelling my name.

"Stacey!" I turned around and there was Nate.

I sighed and kept walking.


We were back up onstage in our partners. Nate had stopped trying to talk to me.

"Ladies hands on shoulder."

I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Hands on waists boys."

He didn't.

"Nate suck it up and just put your hand on my waist."

He glared at me but did it.

"Don't talk to me." He said.

"You were trying to talk to me before."

"But now I'm not."

The music had started.

"You know what, fine. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not cheating on my boyfriend. I'm sorry for not kissing you, I'm sorry you don't want to be my friend, but that's not my loss it's yours."

He jus looked at me. Sadness and anger in his eyes. It didn't help that the ending pose was me being dipped and his face close to mine.

When I got back up I ignored him.

"Stacey, i'm sorry." Nate said.

I just looked at him.


"Making you choose between me and your boyfriend. I was being a jerk."

"Yeah, you ignored me for a week."

"Yeah, I know and I'm sorry."

A small smile crept onto my lips.

"It's ok."


We hugged and made up.

Now it was time for each pair to do the dance in front of Mr.Jay and Ms.A.

When it was our turn it wasn't awkward anymore. It was fun. We did all the moves right and had fun. My dress was bouncing around but I guess I should get used to it. Most of the characters wore dresses.

At the end everyone clapped and started to leave because we were the last group.

"Cast list is up 5th period on Monday!" Ms.A yelled as everyone left.

"Text you tonight buddy?" Nate asked.

"Yeah." I smiled at him.

I left before anyone else could talk to me. Especially Seth. Just being around him confused me. But I guess I had to see him tomorrow.


*****These chapters are crappy and it kinda makes me mad....whatever I'll try and make things more interesting. VoMmEnT!!! Fan?*****

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