Moving On [5]

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Chapter 5

Omg! Omg! Omg! Who was she!?!? I need to talk to Sara ASAP. I flipped my phone open and dialed Sara's number.

"Hello?" Sara said.

"Hey, do you mind if I come over in like...30 seconds?"

"Sure, the doors already open just come up to my room."

"Thanks so much. I need to talk to you."

I walked up to Sara's door and pushed it open, jiggling the handle a little bit so it would open quicker. I said hi to her parents and jogged upstairs.

"Hey Stace, what do you want to talk about?"

"There--was--this--lady-up in my room whe I got home." I gasped for air between words. I wasn't very athletic...

"OMG was she a stalker or something?"

"No, apparently my mom knows her."

"Then why are you so worried."

"Because that lady looks freakishly similar to somebody and she pretty much suffocated me in a hug as if we've known each other forever."

"Well what did she look like."

"She had chestnut brown hair, had pretty blue eyes with specks of black in them, was skinny and is like 6'0."

"Well...have you looked in the mirror lately?"

"No why...omg is my hair all over the place."

I quickly rushed to the mirror and tried to fix my hair. "Can I use this?" I said while pointing at a brush.

"Sure, but make sure to look at whats right in front of you."

I gave her a questioning look and started brushing my hair. Right in front of you. What could possibly b--

What the hell!

I stopped mid-brush. My hair was chestnut brown...just like Katherines. My hair was the same shade of midnight blue but without the specks of lack. I was 5'8, almost as tall as Katherine. I dropped my brush.

"Did you look at yourself?"

I could only nod in response. "Thanks Sara but I have to get back home."

"No problem."

I rushed out of the house and started running back towards mine. THe realization had just hit me. Katherine wasn't just Katherine. Katherine was my mom.

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