Touch Me by adeleknight
Touch Meby Adele Knight
Avril has secretly wanted Luke for three long years, but he's an egotistical player like her cheating ex. She's determined to make him beg-but a seductive dance and a st...
  • eroticastories
  • contemporary
  • crush
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My Ride Back Home || Jelsa Fanfiction by Anneti-social
My Ride Back Home || Jelsa rigatoni
"I'll give you 1 million dollars if you take me to the North mountain." It was their deal. A ten day ride wouldn't cost that much but for Elsa Arendelle, she'l...
  • northmountain
  • elsa
  • jelsa
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Beleszerettem egy taxisba by Szabi001200
Beleszerettem egy taxisbaby Horváth Szabina
Egy 16 éves lány beleszeret egy taxisba.
  • igaztörténet
  • taxi
Taxi [woocas; luwoo; NCT] by johnkhei
Taxi [woocas; luwoo; NCT]by vergasshi🍃
«Lucas: el taxista enamorado. Jungwoo: el pasajero ilusionado» autor; tannersshi género; au, romántico. oneshot; 6050 palabras. advertencia; incoherencias de la autora...
  • nct
  • luwoo
  • yukhei
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Stolen Life | g.d by dssdols
Stolen Life | g.dby Natalia 🌙
At a Chinese restaurant, Allison opens her fortune cookie and reads the following message: "Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city i...
  • fortune
  • adopted
  • dolantwins
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Taxi (bwwm) by feefaroni
Taxi (bwwm)by feefaroni
Gayle Winters is fresh out of high school and fresh out of the south. Now free from her parent's strict rules, she moves to Brooklyn, New York to prepare for her first y...
  • brooklyn
  • love
  • wmbw
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The daughter of Sherlock Holmes's by roselockholmes03
The daughter of Sherlock Holmes'sby Caitlyn Tilley
Rose Holmes has always wanted to meet her father Sherlock Holmes the consulting detective but her god father Greg Lestrade says no. She turns 21 and is invited to a murd...
  • mycroftholmes
  • sherlockholmes
  • deduction
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the sound of reverie ⌁ hayley williams & john o'callaghan by grudge-s
the sound of reverie ⌁ hayley grudge-s
"is the sadness everlasting?" "love, i think it is." ©grudge-s
  • fanfiction
  • music
  • hayley
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Best Taxi Service in Sanderstead - 02086862777 by Expresscars
Best Taxi Service in Expresscars
Planning to go to Airport, out of town or any event or party occasion. For your safety and comfort it's always better to pre book an authorized airport taxi service. The...
  • cheap
  • best
  • cabs
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Melancholic Craft by DreamedUpAlex
Melancholic Craftby DreamedUpAlex
Space is well... an endless space Full of extravagant sights and intricate things To some it's a place to expand to, others see it as a place of endless possibilities...
  • taxi
  • rosalina
  • space
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Sanderstead Minicabs Services 02086862777 by Expresscars
Sanderstead Minicabs Services Expresscars
Very useful for Sanderstead and nearby living people, who use cabs/taxis for transportation.
  • purley
  • best
  • sanderstead
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Lajta Taxi  by Repcefan
Lajta Taxi by Repcefan
Reklám helye.
  • szerelem
  • lajta
  • szemüveg
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All the things I want to tell you but can't by Anonymous1409
All the things I want to tell Anonymous1409
A girl who cannot find the courage for a direct confrontation writes some letters to the guy of her affection with everything she wants to tell him face to face but can'...
  • acceptance
  • church
  • closure
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The Uber Journey by DaveVals
The Uber Journeyby DaveVals
And so they sat as the London city lights flashed around them. Newsagents, kebab shops and the occasional group of drunk partiers shouting and stumbling about the paveme...
  • mature
  • sad
  • fiction
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Aleph One by Kevis390
Aleph Oneby Kevin Wang
A short story
  • shortstory
  • spacecraft
  • sciencefiction
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TAXI by GazzaGotThixx
TAXIby GazzaGotThixx
You wont know untill you read it
  • sciencefiction
  • mystery
  • night
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?The Playboy Lounge ? by princeinstagram
?The Playboy Lounge ?by princeinstagram
? The Playgirl Lounge and Playmate Lounge ?
  • playden
  • cigarettes
  • limo
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