Moving On [32]

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Chapter 32

We were running through Victory when it happened. Kelly did her stunt perfectly but not all the bases were paying attention. She landed at a weird angle and all you heard was a loud crack.

Ms.Morgan ran over to Kelly and helped her to the ground.

"Can you move your right leg?" She asked Kelly.

Sierra and I were still up in the air.

"No! Someone take me to the hospital! I'm dying here!" Kelly wailed.

"You're not dying, probably a broken bone." Ms.Morgan rolled her eyes.

"Livia, go get the nurse. Hannah, go get some ice." Ms.Morgan ordered.

"Umm, can we go down?" I asked.

Ms.Morgan looked at me like she had forgotten we were still up there.

"Uhuh." She said.

Sierra and I landed right and walked over to our group of friends.

Brunie and Vanny were rolling on the floor with laughter.

"That Haha Was Hahaha So hahaha FUNNY!!" Vanny said.

"It was." Angelina said.

By now the nurse was down here and they were taking her up to the nurses office. Kelly was hysterical.

"What about my stunt?!!" She yelled as the doors closed.

All her minions were worried sick. Probably wondering how they'll live without following someone.

"Alright girls! Business as usual." Ms.Morgan said.

"What about her stunt?" One girl asked.

"We'll have one of the flyers do it." She said simply.

"Who?" Someone else asked.

Please don't be me. Please don't be me.

"Sierra, wanna try?" Ms.Morgan asked.

"Umm I guess." Sierra said.

"Ok, just try it. You know what you have to do right?" Ms.Morgan asked.


"Well let's just try it."

They tried to do the stunt but Sierra didn't know how to do the double full twist that Kelly did. When she landed she was dizzy.

"Umm that didn't work." Sierra said.

"One more time."

They tried it again and Sierra sorta did the double but she landed awkwardly.

"I don't want to do this." Sierra said.

"Are you sure?"


" you wanna try?"

"Oh no." I said.

"Please? The game is in two days and we don't have anybody for this." Ms.Morgan said.

I sighed. "Ok."

I tried the stunt and I just focused on turning a lot.

"Was that a double?"

She just stared at me in awe.

"What?" I looked around.

"No, that was a triple. Do it again?" Ms.Morgan looked like a kid in a candy store.

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