Moving On [16]

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Chapter 16

I made my way to the gate in silence. Then, as usual, a barrage of questions overwhelmed my brain. What's Houston going to be like? Where's my new school going to be? Will I throw up on the plane? I've only been on a plane once, and that was for a school trip in the ninth grade. I don't remember what being on a plane felt like. I guess I would figure out soon because I was now in that hallway thing that they attach from the airport to the plane so we could board.

My seat was in row C. When I got there, there was only two seats so I picked the outside seat. I silently prayed that my seat partner wasn't a snorer. As 10 minutes went by, more people boarded and none of them were in the seat next to me. Yes! I get two seats all to mysel--

"Mind if I sit here?"

I looked up and saw a boy, around my age I guessed, looking down at me. I quickly nodded and squeezed in so that he could walk to his seat.


"No problem." I managed to squeak.

This guy was HOT! He had black hair that was messy but in a sexy way and he had navy blue eyes. One word:hot! But I would contain myself during this 3-hour flight because i had a boyfriend back at home.

"Hi, I'm Stacey." I looked at him.



So, we sat there in an akward silence until the pilot came over the loudspeaker.

"Hello folks, I'm Captain Rice and I will be your pilot today. We should be in Houston in only a few hours so buckle up, relax, and enjoy the ride. We are off in about 5 minutes."

Captain Rice? I couldn't help it I laughed quietly to myself. I quickly shutup when the screen in front of me, that I had never noticed, came to life. There were tons of options. I could watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, or play games.

"Wow." I said quietly. What should I do first?

"I'm guessing this is your first time on an airplane?"

"I went on a trip in the ninth grade but other than that yeah pretty much."


I looked over at him when he said that. How was that interesting?

"So what are you doing going to Houston?" I asked, and leant into my seat.

"I live there, I was visiting family here."

"Interesting." I mimicked.

He laughed,"What about you?"

"Umm I'm moving there?"


"School stuff."

"Oh ok. By yourself?"

"My,err, mom is already there."

"Why do you sound so unsure?"

"I'm not unsure."

"Whatever you say."

"Yeah. So what are you gonna do first?" I pointed at his screen, then I realized only I had one.

"You mean what are we gonna do?" He tapped the screen.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, what do you wanna do?" He looked at me with his blue eyes.

"You pick first." I sat back and watched him direct the screen to tv shows and put on family guy. He found two sets of headphones and offered one to me. I accepted, but didn't put them on. When I was sure he was engrossed in family guy, I pulled out the photos from my party.

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