Moving On [36]

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Chapter 36

-;-Seth's POV-;-

The score was 5-3. We were winning and hopefully it would stay that away. We were well into the game and they weren't the easiest to play against so when halftime came, we all were relieved. I jogged off the field and grabbed a bottle of water. When I was all ready to play again Kelly practically tackled me with her crutches. I swear if she doesn't make it as a cheerleader, football should definitely be next on her list.

"Hey baby! You're doing awesome out there!" She kissed me on the lips quickly.


She frowned and coughed a little.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Aren't you going to compliment me?"

Once again, I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

"You look hot. I hope you're leg heals soon." I kissed her on the cheek.


"Well I gotta go back and play now but I'll see you tomorrow."

I jogged back onto the field and got ready to play again.

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

The game was just 5 minutes away from finishing and the score was 7-6. The other team was really playing hard now and you could feel the tension in the air.

All of a sudden a sudden gust of wind blew by. Us cheerleaders, with barely enough clothing on, shivered in our miniskirts.

I hoped Drew took my advice. I looked up and scanned the crowd. I couldn't find them yet and the clock read 1 more minute. I would find them later.

"Oh my god! Yes! Goo boys! Block--yes!" The opposing teams coach yelled.

The other team scored so now the score was 7-7. You could hear the groans from our side of the bleachers. But there was still 30 more seconds left and we still had a chance to win.

Our boys hustled to get to the net and score for us.








3, Nate passed to Drew

2, Drew passed to Seth

We all sucked in our breaths Seth kicks and--


Everyone jumped up and down in joy. Angie and I jumped around in circles and i caught site of Kat jumping up go hug Drew. With a blanket wrapped around her. I smiled to myself. The boys hoisted Seth up onto their shoulders and cheered. Soon people started to clear out but I decided to stay for a couple more minutes.

"Hey, what are you doing just sitting here?" Nate sat down next to me.

"Just sitting." I said.

"Mind if I join?"

"You're already sitting next to me." I laughed.


"Hey are you coming with us or..?" Kat asked from behind me.

I looked at Nate and he nodded.

"I'll take her home. If you don't mind." He said.

"No problem. Please be home soon." She said and walked away with Drew. I couldn't help but notice them walking hand in hand away.

I stared up at the stars in the sky as Nate sat next to me.

"You did a really good job today." I said with my eyes closed.

"Thanks, you too."

Pretty much everyone had left. There were only a few people congratulating the coach. The only people I could recognize was Seth and Kelly standing there. Why were they still here?

-;-Seth's POV-;-

"Good job Seth! Keep this up and scouts will be coming for all over." Coach patted me on the back.

"Thanks. Goodnight." I said.

I wrapped an arm around Kelly and helped her walk towards the parking lot. We were almost there when I realized I had forgotten my cleats on the bench when I had changed.

"Crap. Kelly, just wait here. I forgot my cleats."

"Ok, hurry."

I walked back to the bench but I heard voices. I grabbed my cleats and walked towards the source of the noise.

"You did a really good job today." I knew that voice anywhere. Stacey. She was obviously talking to a soccer player. But who?

"Thanks, you too." I couldn't recognize the voice but it sounded so familiar.

They were silent for a second and I was about to leave when I looked up and saw Nate leaning in to kiss Stacey who's eyes were closed.

He kissed her and there was a tightneing in my chest. Her eyes instantly opened up and flew by my area and I ducked down out of sight. I jogged away before my heart could ache anymore.

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

He stopped kissing me after a couple seconds and I stood still.

"What?" He asked.

"I--I have a boyfriend."

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself, I shouldn't have done that."

But I was frozen to my seat. When I opened my eyes I saw blue eyes looking at us with hurt in their eyes but as quickly as they were there they were gone.

"Lemme just take you home."

I nodded. We walked to the parking lot where Kelly and Seth were. When Kelly saw me she yelled my name.

"Hey Stacey! Stacey! I forgot to give you this after the game. Hope you come! Bye!" Kelly handed me a blue card with a white ribbon tied across it.

"Thanks." I said.

Seth just leaned against a black Mercedes Benz. He flipped his hair out of his eyes and his blue eyes pierced into mine. Oh no.

Please tell me those eyes weren't who's I think it is.

The way he immediately looked away told me those eyes belonged to him.

Oh no.

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