Moving On [28]

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Chapter 28

"Alright ladies!! I want to see step it up again!" Ms.Morgan yelled.

I stood to the side while the girls repeated the cheer. Except this time, the flyer in the back didn't do the stunt correctly. Which also meant she landed the wrong way. Causing Kelly to go on a rampage.

"What's your problem!" Kelly yelled.


"No sorries! Get it right!"

"Calm down." Ms.Morgan said.

Kelly gave the girl one last glare and went back to her spot. Good old Ms.Morgan.

"From the top!"Ms.Morgan yelled.

They did the cheer and this time everything was perfect. Probably wasn't going to be in this one, too good for me to screw it up.

"Alright girls. The games this Friday, we'll finish this run through tomorrow. Go change." Ms.Morgan dismissed us. We wall walked into the lockeroom and changed.

"I have algebra next." I groaned.

"Good luck." Vanny said.

I sighed, "Bye."

I walked out of the lockerroom and luckily, only 3 guys were out there. None of them were Drew, thank god. I walked to Algebra and was in my seat, staring at a hunch of numbers before the bell even rang. I'm screwed. It only had 10 questions so he said that he would have it done and graded by the end of class.

10 Minutes Later....

I was still on number one. It was multiple choice which means you didn't have to show work. Everyone was handing their paper in so I randomly picked an answer and got up and handed it in.

"How'd you do?" Widmaier asked me.

"I failed that."

"Oh wow."

"How'd you do?"



15 Minutes Later....

"Alright. I have your tests." Mr.Hudson said.

We all got our tests back. I looked at my grade. 55%. Well, you know what they say. F is for Fabulous.

"I got a B!" Widmaier said.

"Fudgeball." I muttered.

"Hahahahahah you got an F."

I was about to give her the finger when Mr.Hudson called my name. I walked up to his desk.


"Your grade."


"It was horrible."

"I know."

"Well, I think you would benefit from some help."

"What kind of help?"

"Afterschool help."

"Like a tutor?" I asked.


"Ok, who do you want to tutor me?"

"Well the person with the highest average is Seth."


"So, if he agrees, he's your new tutor."

"You've got to be kidding me." I muttered.

"What?" He looked at me.



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