The Hollow Ball by simranm17
The Hollow Ballby Simran Multani
There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.
  • demons
  • teenagers
  • paranormal
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A Scarlet Rose  ✓ by MissNutcracker
A Scarlet Rose ✓by Missy | Semi-Hiatus
{Currently Rewriting} Will be taken down completely on the first of November
  • detective
  • historicalfiction
  • gothic
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Loving Lady Georgianna (Spirited #2) by LibMikie101
Loving Lady Georgianna (Spirited Michaelene
***COMPLETED!!!*** ---- Everyone has secrets... Vincent, Viscount Thorne, perfected his wicked grin and his good-humored mask years ago. He has no time for fools. Or tha...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • secrets
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The Forbidden Life by KateLorraine
The Forbidden Lifeby KateLorraine
Vivienna lives in a world where children between fifteen and eighteen are chosen to join a glamorous society known as the Orlins. As Orlins they become consorts of the r...
  • fame
  • romance
  • fight
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The Beta *Sample Only* by MadnessReverie
The Beta *Sample Only*by Lillie Shay
Highest ranking #90 in werewolf ©MadnessReverie This is a sample work only. Trevor is the Beta of his pack, a responsibility he doesn't take lightly. When the threat o...
  • beta
  • enemies
  • love
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The Secrets Within by InfiniteVixen
The Secrets Withinby ❁ Wallflower ❁
Beckwith Academy is one of the top rated schools in the country. Marceline (pronounced Mar-Suh-Leen) Winters, a witty 17 year old, has finally been accepted to the schoo...
  • mystery
  • library
  • goodluck
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Mystery of the Masquerade by ChloeKay123
Mystery of the Masqueradeby Chloe
((Draco's POV)) When Hogwarts announces its first Masquerade Ball halfway through sixth year, Draco Malfoy is reluctant to attend and would rather spend the free time to...
  • hogwarts
  • masquerade
  • malfoy
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Don't Call Me Cinderella by LolliFenn
Don't Call Me Cinderellaby LolliFenn
#1 in Balls #25 in Historical Fiction #4 in Masks "Don't." Ella whispered as she stepped towards the man before her. "Don't what? I'm not the one that li...
  • historicalfiction
  • maid
  • fairytale
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Regency Masquerade by VeraLoy
Regency Masqueradeby Vera Loy
As a gambler's daughter, Frances was resigned to spending her life masquerading as a boy, learning how to shoot a pistol and fight with a sword. Constantly moving from...
  • regencyengland
  • historicalfiction
  • romance
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PROWESS. by MaryEden08
#10 Mary Eden
Prowess (ˈpraʊɪs) 1. Outstanding or superior skill or ability. 2. Bravery or fearlessness, esp in battle. The Prowess - Title chosen and given to the first, EVER, femal...
  • masks
  • female
  • mysterious
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Bakugan x male reader by Legorexthunder1
Bakugan x male readerby Legorexthunder1
The bakugan brawlers fought masquerade but they didn't think he had a brother will the brawlers find out who he is or will he find them. I don't own bakugan this go to t...
  • adventure
  • malereader
  • masquerade
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Jealousy Hurts : Dramione by grangers_diary
Jealousy Hurts : Dramioneby Emma
Draco and the Golden Trio are back to the 7th year in Hogwarts. Even though everything seemed peaceful , they knew otherwise. Draco soon found out that he was actually...
  • masqueradeball
  • magic
  • mask
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Miraculous Marichat - Rejection and Sin by MarichatLyfe
Miraculous Marichat - Rejection MarichatLyfe
After Ladybug rejected Chat, Adrien rejected Marinette. As Chat, he comforts her, his heart overflowed with guilt, although he didn't know Marinette felt the same. Soon...
  • miraculous
  • someone
  • understand
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Masquerade  by PerfectlyWhy
Masquerade by A🌸
"I've made my decision"
  • shawn
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • wattys2018
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The Holy Night by simranm17
The Holy Nightby Simran Multani
The Hollow Ball was just the beginning. * * * The sequel to The Hollow Ball. Very limited updates as I go through and edit The Hollow Ball.
  • paranormal
  • demons
  • magic
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[REWRITING] midnight of the masquerade || draco malfoy by amityblonde
[REWRITING] midnight of the team malfoy
a story in which two people realize ; masks only hide the appearance - not the heart.
  • orderofthepheonix
  • fanfic
  • masqueradeball
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Footprints of the Soul//Poem Book by e_johnson28
Footprints of the Soul//Poem Bookby EJ
we all leave footprints wherever we go a piece left behind of what we know
  • blurry
  • nothing
  • past
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Masquerading the Key by ShinomiyaDR
Masquerading the Keyby Shinomiya D. Ray
Alain Watanabe was a Key Keeper-a transient guardian with knowledge of other worlds. After his mother disappeared, he left Earth for the world of Engrada to save his sib...
  • keykeeper
  • fiction
  • anime
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When He Sees Me | Jared x Reader | by musical_wierdo
When He Sees Me | Jared x Reader |by 💙💚MUSE💚💙
" 'I lost my Cinderella, I think it's time to go find her.' he said and smiled as he placed his hands on my mask." ---- Y/n is a tall smart ass girl that loves...
  • dearevanhansen
  • deh
  • cronch
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Masked Love| Sirius Black by BazGrimm-Pitch
Masked Love| Sirius Blackby Magicath
"Anything can happen at the masquerade ball." After months and months of begging from the students at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry, Profe...
  • slytherin
  • jamespotter
  • harrypotter
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