The Debutante (Season Series #2) by MissKatey
The Debutante (Season Series #2)by Kate
***2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - VORACIOUS READS*** WINNER OF THE FICTION AWARDS 2016 - HISTORICAL FICTION Against all odds, Libby Marks-Whelan is back at court - and no lo...
  • cinderella
  • masquerade
  • happyending
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Masq (boyxboy) by AmesMax
Masq (boyxboy)by Amara
Jaden Briggs, a violinist, dreams to receive at least one second of attention from his longtime heartthrob and openly bisexual Kris Hamilton. Jaden and his friends take...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • lgbt
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Daddy's Little Angel by inspire_me101
Daddy's Little Angelby Makayla Ortiz
(Sin)cerely, Daddy's little Angel
  • forbidden
  • love
  • guns
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Regency Masquerade by VeraLoy
Regency Masqueradeby Vera Loy
As a gambler's daughter, Frances was resigned to spending her life masquerading as a boy, learning how to shoot a pistol and fight with a sword. Constantly moving from...
  • featured
  • genderbender
  • masquerade
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Jealousy Hurts : Dramione by grangers_diary
Jealousy Hurts : Dramioneby Emma
Draco and the Golden Trio are back to the 7th year in Hogwarts. Even though everything seemed peaceful , they knew otherwise. Draco soon found out that he was actually...
  • slytherin
  • jealousy
  • masquerade
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Sherlock x Reader - The Black Masquerade Mask (Book 1) by ExoticRain
Sherlock x Reader - The Black ExoticRain
This is book 1 What happens when an assassin is hired after Sherlock? Not to kill him, but to spy on him for money! Who sent her? Why is she trying to protect him? She h...
  • johnwatson
  • sherlock
  • sherlockholmes
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Bakugan x male reader by Legorexthunder1
Bakugan x male readerby Legorexthunder1
The bakugan brawlers fought masquerade but they didn't think he had a brother will the brawlers find out who he is or will he find them. I don't own bakugan this go to t...
  • malereader
  • adventure
  • bakugan
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[REWRITING] midnight of the masquerade || draco malfoy by amityblonde
[REWRITING] midnight of the team malfoy
a story in which two people realize ; masks only hide the appearance - not the heart.
  • draco
  • fanfic
  • deatheater
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Masking Your Beauty (is the Impossible); larry stylinson [ top!harry ] by larryent
Masking Your Beauty (is the Jasmine Bukowski
Impossible, unimaginable, and completely absurd. That is, to hide his vision. To shield his beauty from that of wondering eyes. To conceal his greatness and...
  • wattpride
  • masks
  • topharry
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Holding The Present by thequietwriter
Holding The Presentby Bethany Swafford
Sequel to Keeping the Past With the events of London behind her, Juliet Sinclair takes on another position, this time in Bath. Rose Dunbar is an unrepentant flirt and sp...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • regency
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Hide and Seek by Merioanlytha
Hide and Seekby Merioanlytha
Ri likes a quiet life, without drama, and certainly without all that mate crap that the world seems to revolve around. To her exasperation, it seems to be all anyone car...
  • lovestory
  • -friendship
  • romance-friendship
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Kismet || Nex7 Apply Fic by pastelbwj
Kismet || Nex7 Apply Ficby ˗ˏˋ s o n a ˎˊ˗
7 boys and 7 girl are given invitations; an invitation to a masquerade ball. With mixed emotions, they agree and attend. All are confused to why this party isn't the tal...
  • fic
  • liquanzhe
  • huangxinchun
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My Masked King (unOrdinary Fanfiction)[EDITING AND REWRITING] by bakugo_bakustop
My Masked King (unOrdinary bakugo_bakustop
"Even your mask can't hide your colors, and I will be the one to crack it open." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=...
  • elaine
  • john
  • ability
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The Demon's Reprisal by K_Blackwood
The Demon's Reprisalby K_Blackwood
"She had witnessed what he could do, what a demon was capable of, and it was terrifying" The Harrowing has been cured, but at what price? The mage's now hold a...
  • masquerade
  • soul
  • psychic-abilities
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If Only You Understand Me by stay-anonymous
If Only You Understand Meby Miss Vague
"No one understands me," I mumbled choking on my tears. "No one..." ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Her self-esteem was wounded. His heart was scarred. She was strugglin...
  • islamic
  • african
  • friendship
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Just Before Midnight by Marvel_fancomics
Just Before Midnightby Josephine G
Young Amber Derken never dreamed that a slightly long stay at her elderly duchess friend's mansion for a while would be so eventful. At first all is calm, but then the...
  • fantasy
  • fairytaleretelling
  • mystery
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A Fresh Start by emmaribaudo
A Fresh Startby emmaribaudo
After 6 months of rebuilding, everyone is invited back to Hogwarts to re-do their 7th year. Draco Malfoy returns in hope to clear his name and show he's changed Hermio...
  • hermionegranger
  • interesting
  • ronaldweasley
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The Tale of Anabelle by PhoenixSWhytock
The Tale of Anabelleby Phoenix
***COMPLETED**** Every two thousand years, a keeper of the forest is chosen amongst two children. Half mortal, and half immortal. When the ceremony takes place, and a li...
  • fairytale
  • fairies
  • historical
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The Prince And The Bad Boy by khushi1303
The Prince And The Bad Boyby khushi gund
What happens when Katherine Swan gets both her school heartthrob Luke Barrington and the Prince of England William Richards to chase her after the masquerade ball they a...
  • hotboys
  • masquerade
  • dance
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A Scarlet Rose  ✓ by MissVictorian
A Scarlet Rose ✓by Yasmine Gibreel 🌙
{Currently Rewriting} ••• WATTPAD FEATURED STORY! ••• 1867 Paris, France: A killer of passion, a heart on the mend, and a hunger for vengeance. When the bodies of young...
  • killer
  • love
  • murder
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