Moving On [18]

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Chapter 18

"Drew likes my mommy. Drew likes my mommy." I sung, teasing Drew. He blushed so much his face looked like a tomato.

"No.I.Don't. Stacey!"

"Mhmmmmm." He shot me a dirty look.

"Eyes on the road." I chirped. I loved teasing Drew. Even though I hadn't know him long, he was already like an older brother to me.

He quickly turned back to the road,"We're here." He announced.

"Cool." I opened the door and jumped out. This school was huge. Even compared to my old school. It was only a little bit smaller than my old school. It was made out of brick but it didn't look old. The grass in the front was actually green and had little clusters of flowers around the sign that said Houston High School. It was really pretty. I could see a soccer field in the back of the school but that was all I could see from here.

"Here we are. I hope no one recognizes me." Drew said.

"Why not?"

"I wasn't exactly a....model student."

We started walking towards the school.

"Were you the bad boy or something?"

"More like the prankster."


Soon we were inside the school. The main office was only a little ways down from the entrance so we didn't walk very far. We entered the office and were greeted by a young looking secretary. She was filing her nails instead of doing her work. I rolled my eyes. People these days.

"Hello, I'm here for the meeting with the principal for Stacey James." Drew said.

I was about to correct him and tell him that my last name was Graham when I remembered that Derek and LeeAnn weren't my real parents. James was Katherine's last name.

"One moment." She said. She pressed a button on the phone and she told whoever about us.

"Oh yes, send them in please." A female voice answered.

"Ok, go in that room for your meeting." She pointed to her right then returned to her nails. Drew rolled his eyes at me then started for the room.

"Yes, she's here. Yep, yea she just arrived." Drew rapped twice on the door.

"Oh come in come in!" Who I guessed was the principal motioned for us to enter. Why was she so excited?

"Hello Mrs.Edwards. I'm here instead of Katherine James for Stacey."

"Alright. Wait, Drew? Drew Hudson?" She narrowed her eyes.

Drew flushed. "Yes."

"I see the prankster is back." She turned to me. "Please don't follow his example."

I struggled to contain my laughter. She smiled at me. She seemed nice enough.

"Well this should be a relatively quick meeting. I'll just give you your info and stuff."

"Ok." I said.

"So I understand that you've been in all the plays your school has offered. And you've gotten very good parts in them." She was reading off my papers I assumed. I had been in a couple plays, no biggie. The only reason I got all those parts was because I was a pretty good singer and a great dancer. I'd taken dance classes since I was 8 years old.

I nodded my head.

"You've also managed to keep good grades. You're in high classes for your world language French, science, English, music, and math. Basically, everything except for social studies and gym which there is no high for. Gym yOu wil learn about later on." Mrs.Edwards said.

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