Moving On [52]

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Chapter 52

-;-Stacey's POV-;-

Now that Shane and I had made up, we were never to far apart. When Kat came back with the pizza she had to leave again because she had plans.

"You're mom must be popular." Sara said when Kat left.

"Yeah, she's probably going out to meet her boyfriend. Drew. He's really nice." I said.

"So you don't hate her anymore?" Lacy asked.

I shook my head. Everyone came upstairs to my room. My laptop pinged so I opened it up.

REMINDER: Kelly's masquerade bash on Saturday!

I groaned and closed my laptop again. I didn't care.

"What?" Sara said.

"Just a party reminder from some--"

"PARTY?!" Dan climbed over everyone to my laptop.

I snatched it away. "Yeah party. It's on Saturday but it's for this bitch and I didn't think you guys would want to go."

Dan gave me a dirty look, "Of course we want to go."

"Right guys?" Dan asked them and they all nodded.

"Well it's a masquerade thing so we have to go shopping again unless..." I trailed of when Lacy and Sara ran to their suitcases and pulled out their dresses.

"Of course you have them." I smiled.

"Yeah, we brought them just in case." Sara said.

"Just in case what?"

"Fine we brought it because we wanted to. Gosh." Sara said putting her dress back.

"So you want to go to right?" I asked Shane.

"Sure." He said leaning back against my bed.

"Ok, but I don't have a dress." I said.

"Oh yeah." Sara said.

We started talking about dresses and eventually Dan and Shane got bored and went downstairs to go play the Wii.

Lacy was digging through my closet when she stopped and smiled.

"Look what I foundddddd." She singsonged.


She pulled out a blue dress.

"Wait, isn't that my--"

"Masquerade dress!" Sara said.

"I totally forgot about that." I said.

"Ok so we all have dresses, but Stacey needs a mask and shoes."Sara said.

"Maybe tomorrow after play practice we could go shopping or something."

"Play?" Sara asked.

"Oh yeah, i'm in the school play. Hairspray. I got Tracy too." I said.

"Nicee." Lacy high-fived me.

"Yeah so at practice you could meet all of my new friends and stuff."

"Sounds like a plan." Sara said.

We all walked downstairs into an intense battle of boxing. We all laughed and took turns playing games. It reminded me of all the good times back in Los Angeles. I smiled as all the memories flashed in my mind. From pranking Danny to hanging out with Shane. Then out of nowhere, the memories of Seth and I invaded my brain.

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